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Party Trends Metallics

Four Hot 2018 Party Trends

Today there are trends for everything! Including party themes, party foods, cocktails and even decorations!  Here are some of the top 2018 party trends to make a great impression! Metallic Tones Metallic tones in your decor as well as in the theme that you create for the party can be a fun and cool element for creating a magical environment. Natural stone and copper as well as other types of metals can have the perfect look for building a fun theme with your party. Backdrops with Greenery Green backdrops that include the look of various plants, natural greenery and even some fake flowers can make for a lot of fun with your party trends for 2018. Including an accent wall that your guests can take pictures in front of, can be a huge help when you are building a beautiful focal point of your party. It looks stunning! Comfort Food Elegant appetizers are a thing of the past! And comfort food is the trend!!  In 2018 everyone is coming to parties looking for items like milkshakes, …

Technology & Events - Drone

Can Technology Improve your Event Management Business

Thanks to technology, we can effectively communicate and collaborate with anyone across the globe without delays. Technology helps us to speed up our work to save time. It is utilized in all sectors and industries today. Innovation in technology has brought us to a point where event management industry cannot function without it. Apps One of the most common applications of technology in event management industry are scheduling and planning apps. Many of these apps serve specific purposes and some offer all-in-one solutions. For those who like those single-purpose apps over cumulative solution can use API to merge individual apps in one place for convenience. Using multiple apps and services might push event managers to constantly check multiple apps where an API can make it all available in one place and make it easier to manage. A huge majority of event planners use event management apps and according to a recent survey. They find them great to plan and manage events. These tools help to provide seamless collaboration between different teams saving time. Many apps …

How To Plan The Perfect Single’s Valentine’s Day Get Together

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re single, you might not be feeling the best with this time of year. Luckily for you, we at Sendo Invitations have the perfect solution in planning the baddest single’s party. First, figure out if you and your friends will be going out or staying at home. If you’re going out, make sure you have a designated driver. Find a place with happy hour and if drinking isn’t your thing, you can google free events in the area. Sometimes there are events such as free yoga classes or movies in the park. If you’re going to be staying home, here are some things you can consider. Drinks Pinterest is your go-to for cocktail drinks. You can settle for wine but why not have fun recreating drinks? Another idea you can do if all of your friends can bring over a different bottle of wine and you all can have wine tasting. Movies Movie binge is such a fun way to spend time with your friends. If …

How to Improve Your Invitation Response Rate

How to Improve Your Invitation Response Rate

More and more individuals, organizations and event planners are using email invitations for events. Online invitations are an excellent way to manage and get event information out quickly. Email invitations are also cost effective and an eco-friendly way to manage your event. But, how to you make sure your invitation does not get lost in inboxes? And, how do you improve your invitation response rate? What is response rate? Response rate is the percentage of people who respond to your invitation. Should you be concerned about low response rates? Absolutely. Getting guests to respond to your online invitation is the first task to a successful event. Follow these six simple steps, and I am certain you will get the rate you desire. Your Guest List Be sure to have a current guest list. An outdated list will definitely decrease your response rate. Make sure email addresses are current and accurate. Also, be sure that those on the list have requested to be included and/or are expecting an invitation. If you are sending to someone who …

Class Reunion Online Invitation

How to Sell Tickets to a Class Reunion

Have you been assigned the role of planning your school’s class reunion? With finding the money, a venue, decor, promoting the event, choosing a caterer, and more – it can be a bit of a headache. While the logistics of the event can be complicated, don’t let selling tickets to your class reunion cause a problem for you! Sendo Invitations allows you to customize online school reunion invitations. Plus, you can send it to your classmates and manage their responses online. Additionally, you can use it to sell tickets! It’s an easy way to collect the money you need to host the event. Here’s how to go about using Sendo to sell tickets to a class reunion: Set Early Bird Ticket Prices Often times there will be 2 busy periods when tickets are sold: right when they go on sale and the week before the reunion. To incentivize your classmates to buy tickets earlier, consider offering an early bird ticket price. This will allow you more accurate estimates regarding food, drinks, and other party provisions. …

Wedding Planning

Ten Commandments to Follow when Planning Your Wedding

Planning your wedding? Recently engaged? Congratulations! We have put together the ten most important commandments to follow when planning your wedding. I have to admit that regardless of all the advice (both good and bad!) that I received leading up to the big day, one thing is true: Once you set that date, time really does fly. There’s so much to do! Find the right wedding invitations, set up a cake tasting, drop those pesky ten pounds, look for the perfect dress (as well as beautiful accessories!). It’s so easy to get lost in all the planning and forget what the day is truly supposed to be about. At the end of the day, it’s just a party – and all parties eventually come to an end. The marriage itself is the important thing to focus on. But it’s okay – here are ten things to keep in mind when things start to go crazy. 10. Start Early There’s no harm in a little early planning. My fiance and I had been together for five years before …

Cash Bar Vs. Open Bar: Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette: Cash Bar vs. Open Bar

Engagement season is in full swing, and wedding planning seems to start immediately after! After brides & grooms finish celebrating their engagements, one of the first steps in the wedding-planning process is to set a budget for the wedding. One of the larger expenses, believe it or not, is typically providing alcohol at the wedding! For this reason, the old cash bar vs. open bar debate has always been a hot one. While couples can save thousands of dollars with a cash bar, couples often worry that their guests will be disappointed when they learn they’ll have to pay for drinks themselves. A cash bar is where wedding guests are required to to pay for their own “spirits.” Couples often use cash bars to reduce the cost of the reception, but still typically provide a glass of champagne for toasts at no charge. An open bar is where the bride & groom pay for all costs associated with the bar at their wedding. This includes the bartender and typically a full-service bar. With an open bar, …

Plan a Fundraising Event with These Simple Tips

Plan a Fundraising Event with These Simple Tips

Before the digital age brought tools like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the only fundraisers were campaigns and events. While the Internet has changed the game in terms of fundraisers, events still have purpose. They bring people together for a common cause and can often yield results more effectively than an Internet campaign. But how do you plan a fundraiser event? Get inspired with these simple tips. Goal, Budget, Purpose Much must be taken into consideration before you can even shop for a venue. First, set a goal. Consider what you’ve seen in the past at similar events and set a range of income that you expect to see from this event. Consider the lowest amount you might raise, as well as the highest goal. Is the event worth it even if you only achieve your lowest estimation? Yes? Then it’s time you set a budget. The larger your budget the more money you’ll potentially raise. However, a large budget doesn’t guarantee success, which is why purpose is so important. People don’t donate to causes or startups …

invitation wording for no host retirement, party, anniversary, birthday and other events, evites, email invitations

Invitation Wording for when Guests Pay for their Meal

How do you word an invitation to an event where guests pay for their dinner? I received this question from a Sendo reader… Amanda Asks… “I am planning a small (20 or less) retirement party for my mom at a restaurant but guests will be responsible for paying for their own dinner – how do I indicate this on an invitation?” Anyone have any suggestions? Comment to this post to help her out! It would be great to hear what you guys would expect to see on an invitation and how you would respond to some of the other suggestions mentioned When Invited Guests Pay for their Meal The proper term for this is No Host. Some social circles would immediately recognize and understand this term, whereas others would be confused. And if it’s a retirement party, some invitees may not be so quick to jump on Google to figure it out. Considering the informality of the event, keep invitations to something simple. You don’t want to spend $100 on invites that tell people they …

pretty flower fairy light egg carton tutorial

Flower Fairy Lights DIY Tutorial

If you love fairy lights then you will love this easy tutorial for creating flower fairy lights from egg cartons! Supplies for making Flower Fairy Lights – different colored cartons (or  you may choose to paint them yourself) – scissors – wire Step 1. With a pair of sturdy scissors, cut away excess cardboard surrounding the cup strips. Round the edges of the egg carton strips to imagine the petals. Make three of these egg carton ends and insert them into each other. The innermost need not be cut into four strips. Step 2. Insert the wire into the hole in the middle and fasten them by pinching the wire together. Make sure it hangs a long wire out from the hole so that the downside in this way can pin the flower on a branch. Step 3. Starting at the cup opening, make a short slit into each side of the cup.Then simply insert one fairy light into each “flower”. They are not attached to anything. Happy creating! xx Amici Events xx