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Create and plan your party in minutes with advertisement-free animated online party invitations. Sell tickets, manage RSVPs and poll your guests. Send your invitation via text message or email. Upload music and photos. Select an invitation design below to begin!


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Sendo’s free animated digital online party invitations with RSVP are perfect for all occasions and every event! The invitations are adaptable and perfect for all needs. The many customizable features and flexible format give you the perfect invitation and setup that you envision. Sendo’s free party and event invitations cover everything from baby showers to retirement, and so much more. Our blog and service also show and suggest party ideas to make sure that your event is something to remember.

We know that parties, even small ones, take effort and careful planning, and our invitations reflect that. Our invitations are made with attention to detail, consideration, planning, and work; everything that goes into planning and executing an amazing event. There are endless options for our invitation, from a beautifully understated wedding invitation to a fun birthday event with exploding confetti. Our features include everything from eye-catching visual effects to selling tickets online.

The possibilities are endless and flexible for your needs. You can email your guests, track their replies, make an interactive list of things people need to bring, customize everything, show the weather for the day, and so much more! It’s all free and online, convenient, clean, and environmentally green. Sendo’s party invitations are easy to use and their features are also convenient and simple. There’s a FAQ Page and videos to help you if you’re ever confused. Everything is easy, self-explanatory, and clear. We keep track of everything including guests, any lists, replies, comments, RSVPs, and more. Sendo does the hard work so that you can focus on the important aspects of party planning. You shouldn’t have to struggle over something that is so easily and nicely done with Sendo.

Our free online digital invitations are guaranteed to bring joy to your guests’ eyes and leave you with much less to do. Relieving the stress of invitations Sendo does it all for you, and more. Focus on your party, and rest easy knowing that your party invitations are clear, beautiful, and as perfect as your party will be!