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  • As event planning services become more global each year, the concerns for the impact that events have on the environment continue to grow as well. Amassing a large group of people in a single location offers numerous opportunities for businesses, but

  • When you’re planning a wedding, cutting costs anywhere you can is essential. But how do you cut costs without compromising your dream wedding? One effective way is to go paperless - for the rehearsal dinner invites at least. You may be

  • Are you getting married soon and want to make your own wedding invitations? Congratulations! Though planning each and every detail of your wedding can be overwhelming, we're here to help you out. Your invitations are one of the first tasks to

  • No matter what holiday you celebrate, it's inarguable that the winter season is a time for giving. One in four Americans volunteer for organizations to help the less fortunate on a regular basis, but this number gets even higher during

  • Wedding planning is always stressful. But it’s worse when groom isn’t engaged. Here are six simple and fun things to engage your groom, reduce stress, and help you get started.  Generate the guest list together This is one of the easiest and

  • Did you know that many parents spend $400 on average for their children's birthday parties, not including the money spent on presents?   Planning a successful party for your child requires many components.  Throwing a birthday party doesn't need to break the bank or

  • Baby showers have evolved so much in recent years that they look very different from how your mother will remember her own. For one, it is no longer a faux-pas to have a baby shower for your second, third, fourth, or

  • Man, time flies when you're getting old. No, but seriously, when's the last time you saw your best friends from your school days? This might mean it's time for a class reunion!  Class reunions are a chance to reconnect with old classmates and

  • Big announcements and exciting milestones deserve a special celebration that people of all ages can enjoy. These DIY confetti poppers bring an element of surprise and a pop of sparkle to any party and will be a memorable moment for