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  • Planning an event can be both exciting and challenging. However, what truly makes an event successful is the number of attendees who show up and actively participate. That's why mastering the art of efficient invite management is crucial to boost

  • You're engaged! Now is the time to dive right into planning your special day. No special occasion is complete without having the people you love surround you, which is why you need to properly invite (and excite) them. In this

  • Sendo has the perfect Halloween Invitations to set the tone for your event. Create and send our free Halloween Invitations in minutes. Our invitations are easy to create and manage online. Sendo is the perfect platform for all your Spooktacular

  • Fourth of July is one of the hottest holidays to throw a party - literally and figuratively! Throw a Fourth of July party that guests will remember for years using these tips and hand-picked ideas. Create a Party Sub-Theme What style and

  • The day you get married is one of the happiest days of your life. No wonder you want to share the memories! Do you know what can help you spread joy across social media? Wedding hashtags. In this article learn how

  • Every parent of a teenager knows that they are hard to please. They are not usually into our ideas for fun or what we may think is cool. So when it comes to hosting a party for them, it usually

  • Birds of a feather, party together! That's right folks, this month we're sharing some of our favorite ways to throw a flamingo party with 5 of our favorite necessities. Whether your flamingo party is for a birthday, a grad party,

  • You are a decade older and it’s time to celebrate your milestone birthday! It’s essential to mark this momentous event and a party is a perfect way to celebrate. Whether it is you putting the party together for yourself or

  • If you're over the standard Easter morning egg hunt with your family, why not try involving the whole neighborhood? Organizing a community-wide hunt will get all the kids in the neighborhood excited and will add a little more competitiveness to