Ultimate Super Bowl Party Guide: Helpful Tips, Ideas and More!

Ultimate Super Bowl Party Guide: Helpful Tips, Ideas and More!

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner! Use these bright ideas to plan a fun, memorable event.

Who’s Coming to your Super Bowl Party?

Write out a list of everyone you’d like to invite. Create your customized Super Bowl invitation and send it to everyone on your list. Save time by letting us do the work for you! Sendo can send email, text or even voice phone reminders, sync with calendars and more. It’s the simplest way to communicate event info with your attendees! 

Super Bowl Invitation

What’s Cooking?

Food is one of the most important features of an awesome Super Bowl Party. It falls somewhere between commercials and the game itself. This is your chance to get creative and try out all of those party recipes you’ve pinned forever. It’s only appropriate to have at least one bacon-wrapped appetizer. Check out this recipe for Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Jalapeno Bites!


Beat Boredom

Let’s face it, half the people coming to your Superbowl Party aren’t the slightest bit interested in watching the game. Plan to have some tricks up your sleeve to keep party goers entertained. Check out this awesome list of party games and choose a few that you like. Be sure to consider the people that are coming. What would they enjoy? And don’t forget the prizes!

Football Games

What About The Kids?

If kids are welcome at your party, include them in your planning. Be sure to add caffeine-free beverages to your shopping list. Help them feel included in the fun by setting up a place for them to play near all the action. Pick up some art supplies from the dollar store. Arrange a space with chairs and access to electrical outlets for older kids to use and charge their electronic devices.

Do you have a bright idea to add to the list? We want to hear it! Leave your tips and tricks for planning an awesome Super Bowl Party in the comments!

Jennifer Sitko Skarakis, a graphic designer and design enthusiast, is the founder of Sendo Invitations and editor of The Sendo Blog.


  • February 3, 2016

    Jordan Leavitt

    Haha I love how you explained that the food falls somewhere between the game and the commercials. It’s so true! I have some friends that the only reason they come is to watch the commercials and snack their life away. Thanks for the good ideas!


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