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Email Subject Writing Tips

Email Subject Line Writing Tips

  The subject line of your email determines if your recipient will open your invitation, announcement or greeting. Writing an enticing and personal subject line is key to successful delivery. Subject line content is also a major component in the algorithm of many ISP and recipient-level spam filters. A poorly written subject line could determine if your email even gets to your recipient. Tips to writing your subject line: Entice – Say something timely and valuable. For example, “If you don’t open and read this email, you will miss out on something of real value.” Your recipient will be thinking: “What’s In it for me?”. Not TOO much information – Do not give the recipient TOO much information, or they will not click on the link to open your event. Do not say “My party is on Saturday at 6:00 at my house.” Personalize – Make the subject line hit a personal note – “Football Lovers Only Party & BBQ Contest” Brand – Brand your subject line – “Joe’s Taco Shop’s Taco Extravaganza .” Test It – Send a sample …

Gold Pumpkin Place Card

Seven DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards We Love!

We’ve pulled together our top Thanksgiving place card finds this season to help give you some table top inspo! All can be easily made. Include the help of your kids for a family friendly DIY craft. Enjoy! Cork & Feather Place Card My favorite – I’m obsessed with feathers this season. By Hometalk Gold Pumpkin Place Card Love the rich gold leaf paint on this place card and the simple single letter as the name. By Cupcakes & Cashmere Pine Cone Place Card The rustic charm of this place card is so fun. Also love the colored tips on the pine cones. By Stampington & Company Chalkboard Thanksgiving Place Card Can be used year after year – wipe off the chalk and re-use! By Heathered Nest Tissue Paper Pumpkin Place Card We love this tissue pom-pom and delicate wire pumpkin. By Design Dining & Diapers Cork Thanksgiving Place Card You may have to drink a few bottles of wine before starting this place card project 😉 By Almost Makes Perfect Pumpkin Leaf Place Card This simple pumpkin place card comes with …

Cinco De Mayo Party Invitation & Napkin Ring Printable

Cinco De Mayo Invitation & Napkin Ring Printable

Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner and we have a special treat for you. Sendomatic has created a new Cinco De Mayo Invitation and a free matching Cinco De Mayo Napkin Ring Printable! Both of these themed designs feature colorful Papel Picado flags and kraft paper. Papel Picado flags are a Mexican folk art. Layers of tissue are cut to create striking designs. They’re a popular decor choice at many traditional Mexican fiestas, including Cinco De Mayo! Add traditional flare to your decor with these printable napkin rings, specially designed to go with our Cinco De Mayo Invitation. Click here to print yours.  Once you have them printed, simply cut them out and use double-sided tape to adhere them to your rolled napkins and cutlery. Little touches like this go a long way when it comes to WOWing your guests and making your party even more memorable.  But before you get started on decor, you need to choose an invite. In addition to the invitation designed to match the printable napkin rings, Sendomatic has several other Cinco …

Party Planning Tips

Top Party Planning Tips & Ideas for 2016

Our 2016 Top Party Planning Tips & Ideas will ensure you pull off your next party with ease and style. Let’s jump in! Get Organized Find a good time to sit down with a notebook and pen to start the planning process. Consider… Where will the event be hosted? Who’s invited? What’s your budget? Will it be casual? Informal? Semi-formal? What type of vibe do you want to create? Now is the time to register for event management services like Sendomatic. Sendo makes it super easy to create custom invitations, communicate with recipients, manage responses, sell tickets, accept donations and more. You can learn all about how Sendomatic can make your event planning process easier. Create a Theme Every great party starts with a great theme. Once you have the theme, everything else falls into place – decorations, invitations, games, drinks and food. Stick with your theme from beginning to the end. It starts with the very first time your guest gets wind of your event, the invitation. Make the theme and the feel of the …

Plan a Fundraising Event with These Simple Tips

Plan a Fundraising Event with These Simple Tips

Before the digital age brought tools like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the only fundraisers were campaigns and events. While the Internet has changed the game in terms of fundraisers, events still have purpose. They bring people together for a common cause and can often yield results more effectively than an Internet campaign. But how do you plan a fundraiser event? Get inspired with these simple tips. Goal, Budget, Purpose Much must be taken into consideration before you can even shop for a venue. First, set a goal. Consider what you’ve seen in the past at similar events and set a range of income that you expect to see from this event. Consider the lowest amount you might raise, as well as the highest goal. Is the event worth it even if you only achieve your lowest estimation? Yes? Then it’s time you set a budget. The larger your budget the more money you’ll potentially raise. However, a large budget doesn’t guarantee success, which is why purpose is so important. People don’t donate to causes or startups …

Valentine's Day Party Ideas

6 Sweet Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Your Child’s Class Party

If you have a school-aged child, you’re probably in the midst of either helping plan a class Valentine’s Day party or are responsible for bringing a favor. If you’re tired of the cookie-cutter store-bought ones, try these cute and unique party ideas that kids will love. Kids will enjoy being creative, and you’ll like how you won’t be stuck cleaning up boring Valentine’s Day cards for kids. Here’s to Valentine’s Day! Love Thy Neighbor This is the perfect way to teach your kids about appreciating each other. Have each child write down one nice thing about the person sitting to his or her right. It could be, “I like that John is nice.” Or “I appreciate how Suzy helps me with my math homework.” Set a timer for five minutes. When it goes off, have each child give the note to the person. It will help them each feel special. Wax Paper Hearts You can kick your Valentine’s Day up a notch by making these wax paper hearts that are Martha Stewart-approved. By just using …

Floral Brooch Pins - Great Valentine Day Idea

Valentine Floral Brooches with Vintage Pins

We’re crazy for these vintage floral brooches from OhJoy! Perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts  – teachers, friends & grandmas. What a delight to give as well. We have fragrant daffodils blooming in our backyard and a trunk full of vintage pins from a great aunt. This is a must do for our family. I love the idea of using an assortment decorative fabric scraps in the design as well. Thanks for the darling idea Joy! { you can view the full directions here, photos by: OhJoy! }

Confetti Invitation

New Invitation Series: Confetti & Celebration

  Inspired by thecheerful image of confetti spilled on a crisp white table linen, these new dainty, and exciting designs have a feminine air about them. Cupcakes, champagne, and stylish masks adorn these heart-warming invitations framed with pink decorations, happy fireworks, and festive confetti. Find the collection and more at Sendo Invitations!

Ice Cream - 5 Uncommon Holidays to Celebrate - The Sendo Blog

5 Fun and Uncommon Holidays to Celebrate

While just about everyone on the planet knows about classic holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Hanukkah and Christmas, there are hundreds more holidays that barely make a blip on our celebratory maps. Because every day deserves a celebration of some sort, here is a sampling of some of these uncommon and wacky holidays: International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Now this is a holiday most people can get behind. Whether you are old, young or in-between, celebrate this delicious holiday on the first Saturday in February. If you have kiddos, tell them about the special day when they got home from school the Friday before, and take them to the store to pick out which flavors and toppings they want. International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is a terrific way to celebrate mid-winter when it seems like the cold weather will never end. Alfred Hitchcock Day March 12 is National Alfred Hitchcock Day, which is a day devoted to celebrating the life and work of the famed filmmaker. While it is not his …

Ultimate Super Bowl Party Guide: Helpful Tips, Ideas and More!

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner! Use these bright ideas to plan a fun, memorable event. Who’s Coming to your Super Bowl Party? Write out a list of everyone you’d like to invite. Create your customized Super Bowl invitation and send it to everyone on your list. Save time by letting us do the work for you! Sendo can send email, text or even voice phone reminders, sync with calendars and more. It’s the simplest way to communicate event info with your attendees!  What’s Cooking? Food is one of the most important features of an awesome Super Bowl Party. It falls somewhere between commercials and the game itself. This is your chance to get creative and try out all of those party recipes you’ve had pinned forever. It’s only appropriate to have at least one bacon-wrapped appetizer. Check out this recipe for Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Jalapeno Bites! Beat Boredom Let’s face it, half the people coming to your Superbowl Party aren’t the slightest bit interested in watching the game. Plan to have some …