5 Class Reunion Ideas for the Perfect Event

5 Class Reunion Ideas for the Perfect Event #classreunion #partyindeas #partyinspo #reunions

5 Class Reunion Ideas for the Perfect Event

Man, time flies when you’re getting old. No, but seriously, when’s the last time you saw your best friends from your school days? This might mean it’s time for a class reunion! 

Class reunions are a chance to reconnect with old classmates and hear life updates. They’re typically held every five years around the anniversary of your graduation date.  

The planning process can feel intense. You might feel stumped on how to throw the perfect class reunion. But, don’t worry we’ve brainstormed for you. 

Here are five class reunion ideas to get this party kicked into gear.  

Creative Class Reunion Ideas 

Creative Class Reunion Ideas #classreunion #highschoolreunion

So you want to get the gang back together? The earlier you start planning the more people can learn about the event, and get the date on their calendar. Once all of the logistics are set, the fun begins!

Hosting an array of events at your class reunion will keep the guest entertained. It also helps break the ice so people feel less anxious and awkward. 

To get you started here are some ideas to bounce around as you get ready to reconnect with old friends. 

1. Trivia Extravaganza 

Trivia is a great way to get your classmates thinking of some of their best memories. This activity is a sure way to get your crowd laughing. 

Create questions about your school, your class, and your hometown. Suggestions include class pranks, unforgettable teachers, and school records.

2. Group Service Activity 

Partner with a local charity in town and give back to your community. This option offers an instant feel-good connection among old friends. With some detective work, you can select a charity that has played a big roll in one of your classmate’s life.

3. Tailgate for a Home Game

If you get your dates right, take advantage of any home games during your reunion. Throwing a tailgate is an easy and laid-back way to get everyone together. Cheering for your alma mater will blast you right back to the past.

4. Set the Reunion on Cruise Control

On a cruise ship, you’ll have access to various locations such as bars, pool decks, dance lounges, and more. If you book in advance, you can even work out a group rate making it more affordable for everyone.

5. Local Scavenger Hunt

Bring memory lane to life. Create scavenger hunt clues to walk through your old hang-out spots and high school hallways. Scavenger teams can be created beforehand to encourage people to get to know someone new.  

Time to Get Planning 

The planning process can feel daunting. When you’re just starting out it can feel like a Where’s Waldo: Class Reunion Edition. Luckily, social media and alumni groups can help you track everyone down.

Remember you don’t have to do all the planning alone. With a committee, you’ll be able to locate more classmates and find the best date. When you’re ready to send out invites, make sure to include the events so they know what to expect.

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Have any fun class reunion ideas you want to share? Please let us know in a comment below. 


  • October 18, 2019


    Love the scavenger hunt idea at school! I never thought I’d attend my 20th high school reunion, but we’re planning for next year. I’m trying to find inspiration for games and fun ideas.

  • February 15, 2024


    Those five ideas you shared are just fabulous. Thanks for sharing…


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