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Class Reunion Online Invitation

How to Sell Tickets to a Class Reunion

Have you been assigned the role of planning your school’s class reunion? With finding the money, a venue, decor, promoting the event, choosing a caterer, and more – it can be a bit of a headache. While the logistics of the event can be complicated, don’t let selling tickets to your class reunion cause a problem for you! Sendo Invitations allows you to customize online school reunion invitations. Plus, you can send it to your classmates and manage their responses online. Additionally, you can use it to sell tickets! It’s an easy way to collect the money you need to host the event. Here’s how to go about using Sendo to sell tickets to a class reunion: Set Early Bird Ticket Prices Often times there will be 2 busy periods when tickets are sold: right when they go on sale and the week before the reunion. To incentivize your classmates to buy tickets earlier, consider offering an early bird ticket price. This will allow you more accurate estimates regarding food, drinks, and other party provisions. …

Pool Party

3 Tips and Tricks on Planning the Most Awesome Pool Party on a Shoestring Budget

One of the best ways to show appreciation for the summer seasons is to throw a pool party. Inviting a few friends and family members to enjoy a swim and some snacks, refreshments, and fun is a pleasant way to spend a hot summer day. Of course, depending on your idea of a budget, pool parties can become expensive with things like décor, store-bought foods, and luxury pool toys. If you want to have a party without breaking the bank, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started. Make Your Own Snacks It can be very tempting to run to the store just before your party and throw half the chip aisle into your cart. However, feeding guests in this way can add up more easily than you might expect. Instead, you should make your own snacks, cutting costs and allowing for more creativity. Rather than serving boring bowls of chips, you can customize the snacks to form a cohesive theme for your party. Some popular pool party themes might be islands, …

Party Planning Tips

Top Party Planning Tips & Ideas for 2016

Our 2016 Top Party Planning Tips & Ideas will ensure you pull off your next party with ease and style. Let’s jump in! Get Organized Find a good time to sit down with a notebook and pen to start the planning process. Consider… Where will the event be hosted? Who’s invited? What’s your budget? Will it be casual? Informal? Semi-formal? What type of vibe do you want to create? Now is the time to register for event management services like Sendomatic. Sendo makes it super easy to create custom invitations, communicate with recipients, manage responses, sell tickets, accept donations and more. You can learn all about how Sendomatic can make your event planning process easier. Create a Theme Every great party starts with a great theme. Once you have the theme, everything else falls into place – decorations, invitations, games, drinks and food. Stick with your theme from beginning to the end. It starts with the very first time your guest gets wind of your event, the invitation. Make the theme and the feel of the …