How to Plan a Memorable Virtual Graduation Party

How to plan a virtual graduation party | #graduationparty #partyplanning #virtualparties #sendomatic

How to Plan a Memorable Virtual Graduation Party

Graduation is such a huge accomplishment and milestone in a person’s life. It can be devastating to know that this major event won’t be able to be celebrated in such a way that it should. While celebrating in person may need to be planned at a later date, for now, a virtual graduation party is a great way to honor your graduate. Planning a virtual party is easy to pull off with a bit of forethought and planning. Here are our tips on how to host an awesome virtual graduation party.

How to plan a virtual graduation party | #graduationparty #partyplanning #virtualparties #sendomatic

Pick a platform

There are so many different types of platforms you can use to host your virtual graduation party. Zoom has been a pretty popular platform that has been used. You can use it for free for 40 minutes or pay a monthly fee for an unlimited time. If everyone has a Gmail account, Google Hangouts is a great platform to use too. Skye is always dependable as well.

Send out a digital invitation

As soon as you know which platform works best for your party, use Sendo to help send the virtual invitations out. We have a variety of beautiful graduation invitations to choose from. We can even send out your invitation by text as well.

Put together a fun slideshow to share for the virtual party

Share a slide show! In advance in the invitation, ask your guests if they have any favorite pictures or short videos of the guest of honor that they can share.  The graduate will get a kick out of seeing their guest’s favorite memories of them. What is even cooler about this idea, is that they will have something they can keep forever. You may want to save it for their next milestone, such as a wedding!

Send a party box for everyone to share

If you are feeling crafty, put together a box that can be sent to your guests in advance to help make this party extra special. Include pennant banner or flag of the school the graduate will be attending or is graduating from. You can also include dessert snacks to be enjoyed at the virtual party too. Add a fun quiz about the graduate that guests can be filled out ahead of time. This can be a fun game to do during the party when you read off the answers. Make sure they are questions that not everyone knows the answers to.  

While this may have not been the way you would have liked to honor your graduate, it is still a great way to get friends and family together to celebrate their big accomplishments. A bonus for hosting virtual parties? You can record the whole thing! A great thing to have and keep close to look back to as a favorite memory.

How to plan a virtual graduation party | #graduationparty #partyplanning #virtualparties #sendomatic

Jennifer Sitko Skarakis, a graphic designer and design enthusiast, is the founder of Sendo Invitations and editor of The Sendo Blog.

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