Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Graduate

Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Graduate | Sendo

Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Graduate

Graduating is a huge accomplishment. It is an exciting time. With a diploma under a graduate’s belt, their future is bright and they are ready to take on the world. This type of celebration can feel like your own because you were there with them every step of the way. While an open house is usually the norm when it comes to these types of celebrations, here are some fun and unique elements to celebrate your Graduate, read these unique graduation gift ideas:

Be a kid again

While they are on their way to growing up with more responsibilities, this celebration is a way to live it up and feel like a kid again!  A perfect way to do that is to have some old-fashioned fun. No matter the age of the graduate, rent some fun inflatables (maybe a bouncy house for example?) for adults to jump around in.  

Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Graduate | Sendo Invitations

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A celebrity cameo

Cameo is an awesome way to book a celebrity and have them send a personalized message. If the graduate has a particular celebrity they like, see if they are on this platform. They can keep the video forever and truly an amazing, unique gift.  Who wouldn’t want Lance Bass from N’Sync or Brett Favre to wish them a wonderful graduation and words of wisdom for their future?

An outdoor movie

Are you looking for something low-key to celebrate your Graduate?  An outdoor movie is a wonderful way to celebrate.  Set up a large screen outside, rent a popcorn-making machine, and bring out all the fun movie candy.  You can set up large pool inflatables as seats for everyone to lounge on.  Decorate the backyard with holiday lights and candles to make the night even more magical. 

All the bars

Food bars are very trendy for parties. But what if you celebrated your Graduate with all the bars?  Taco bar, ice cream bar, drink bar, s’more bar… The list goes on and on!  This is a great idea for high school graduates. Even though they are not old enough for the regular bar, they are old enough to enjoy food bars!

Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Graduate | Sendo Invitations

Countdown to graduation

Have a suitcase filled with 18 or 21 small gifts for your graduate to open every day before they graduate. Gift ideas can be things they may need in the future like a new tie, gas card, dorm bed sheets, and restaurant gift cards. There are so many things you can include.  

Weekend of relaxation

All that studying can be stressful!  A great way to celebrate your Graduate is to take them away for a weekend of relaxation. Celebrate by making more memories before they start their next big adventure. Visit a nearby city or a place close by water. The weekend can be solely spent relaxing and catching up on some sleep that was lost while studying so hard.

Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Graduate | Sendo Invitations

Gift them an experience

Looking to gift them a memory they will keep for a lifetime? Gift them an experience! There are so many cool experiences out there to give. Maybe they always wanted to drive around a race track like Nascar, or take in the views of a hot air balloon. Or maybe they always wanted to learn how to fly or have the wild experience of indoor sky diving. There are so many experiences to choose from.  Whatever the experience may be, the memory will be one that they will talk about for years to come!

However, you decide to celebrate your Graduate, remember to keep the guest of honor in mind and bounce ideas off of them.  This is their special time!  And remember to hold on to this moment!  It is a huge accomplishment.

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