“In An Emergency” Graduation Gift

In an Emergency Money Gift

“In An Emergency” Graduation Gift

These “In an Emergency Break the Glass” money frames are a fun, easy graduation gift for graduates. And because you can place any amount of cash in these, they fit virtually any budget.

DIY Graduation Gift

In an Emergency Gift In an Emergency Graduation Gift

Printable Money Gift

This is a fun and creative gift idea for graduates.  I give this gift to graduating seniors every year. It’s also a great gift for weddings, house warming gift, retirement gift or birthday.  You’re sure to see a big grin. It’s funny and, best of all, CASH!

To create this gift, simply download a PDF, print out the page, attach one or two pieces of money and put it in a frame.  There are three different styles and colors for you to choose from.

Download Yellow Printable
Download Pink Printable
Download Blue Printable

Shopping complete!!!  Your grad is sure to get a kick out of this gift.

P.S.  If you are giving this present to graduating seniors, buy cheap $1.00 document frames. From my experience they usually love the money and trash the frame. No sense in spending a lot on it.

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In an Emergency Printable Graduation Gift

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    I deff find this idea one of the best to make a cool presentation of money gift 🙂 Oh, and not only for graduates! Thanks for sharing and for the printables,too!

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