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“In An Emergency” Graduation Gift

Fun inexpensive graduation gift frame money with "in case of emergency" printable

These “In an Emergency Break the Glass” money frames are a fun, easy graduation gift for seniors. And because you can place any amount of cash in these, they fit virtually any budget.

DIY Graduation Gift

Gift Graduation Emergency

This is a fun and creative gift idea for graduates.  I give this gift to graduating seniors every year. It’s also a great gift for weddings, house warming gift, retirement gift or birthday.  You’re sure to see a big grin. It’s funny and, best of all, CASH!

To create this gift, simply download the packet, print out the pages you like, attach the money and put it in a frame.  There are seven different styles for you to choose from.  You can find the downloadable pages for only $4 here.

Shopping complete!!!  Your grad is sure to get a kick out of this gift.

P.S.  If you are giving this present to graduating seniors, buy cheap $1.00 document frames. From my experience they usually love the money and trash the frame. No sense in spending a lot on it.

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