The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

One of the most important parts of any marriage ceremony is the vows you make to your intended. Many couples are choosing to write their own vows, instead of sticking to the traditional church or civic ceremony vows. For many couples, this is a daunting and challenging task. How do you convey your love and promises in only a few short minutes? Here are the most important tips to writing your own wedding vows.

The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your Own Wedding Vows | Sendo

Start early

Avoid adding pre-wedding day stress about writing your vows by making sure you leave plenty of time to organize, plan, write, and practice them. Your wedding vows are important promises that you are making for life. They deserve to be written with great care and you cannot do that the night before you are married. Leaving enough time allows for writer’s block to clear and several check-ins with your spouse to be. It also will allow for plenty of time to rewrite and rehearse your vows so that you can say them with ease on the day of your wedding.

The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your Own Wedding Vows | Sendo

Consult your fiancé and agree on an overall tone

Decide together how you want your vows to each other to feel and sound. Are you going for romantic or humorous? Do you want to make the same promises to each other or different ones? Do you want to share your vows with your fiancé/fiancée or keep them secret? Deciding on the logistics ahead of time will help you plan your vows more easily as well as bring you both closer during what can be an incredibly stressful time in relationships.

The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your Own Wedding Vows | Sendo

Make a list of what you want to include

When you first sit down to begin writing your vows, don’t aim for complete sentences and finished vows. Make a list of what you wish to include first and then whittle it down to one to two minutes max of speaking out loud time. ‘By making a list first of what you might like to include, it’s far easier to construct vows that flow easily and make sense’ explains David Jarret, a writer at Assignment Help and Essay Services.

Avoid too personal or embarrassing moments

There is a time and a place to reminisce about that embarrassing thing your partner did or about the steamy bedroom antics you and your fiancé/fiancée get up to and your wedding vows are not that space. A good rule to follow is if you wouldn’t say it in front of your grandma then you probably shouldn’t say it at all, or in this case, write it in your wedding vows. Your friends and family will thank you for sparing them details!

Make sure you make some promises in your vows

A vow is a promise you make. So, it makes sense that you write a few promises in your wedding vows to your future spouse that you plan on keeping.  Make a few broad promises that are all-encompassing and some specific ones too. Try and avoid using the words ‘always’ and ‘never’ as very rarely can you actually live up to those words.

Write out your vows entirely

When it comes time to write out your vows for the final time, write them completely out. Chances are you will be nervous and stressed out beyond belief at your wedding. Trying to look at little notes or remember your vows from memory will more than likely backfire and you will be left stuttering and stumbling trying to remember what you wrote. ‘Having them all written out in front of you will help you get through your nerves and say what you intended to say to your beloved’ says Sean Prada, a wedding expert at UKWritings and Bestbritishessays.

Rehearse your vows out loud before you get married

Don’t wait until the moment when you are going to recite your vows during your wedding ceremony to read your vows out loud for the first time. Practice them several times, fixing any awkward sentences and practicing your pacing.

These are the best tips to help you write amazing wedding vows. Your spouse will cherish them for years to come. If you are planning a virtual wedding, be sure to read How to Pull off a Fabulous Virtual Wedding.

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