How to Write Your Own Wedding Hashtags for 2023

How to Write Your Own Wedding Hashtags | Sendo Invitations

How to Write Your Own Wedding Hashtags for 2023

The day you get married is one of the happiest days of your life. No wonder you want to share the memories!

Do you know what can help you spread joy across social media? Wedding hashtags. In this article learn how to write a wedding hashtag.

Hashtags can make your wedding photos discoverable. They can also help you gather every picture from your wedding. Thanks to the hashtags, all posted photos from your wedding will be one hashtag away.

But you don’t want to use just any hashtag. Your special day deserves a special hashtag idea.

Here are some tips that will help you come up with your wedding hashtag.

Play Around with Your Names

Name blends are a fun and quirky way to spice up your hashtag. What is your version of Brangelina?

Give name blend a try and see what comes up. Maybe you have a catchy name blend, and you don’t even know it.

Name-wise, you can also go with the classic hashtag with names (e.g. #JimAndHanna0515). You don’t need to go for anything crazy if that’s not your style. If a name combo seems like a perfect reflection of your partner and you, that’s what you should do.

Get Super Creative

How to Write Your Own Wedding Hashtags | Sendo Invitations

Hashtags with the word “wedding” in them aren’t the only option. You can go the extra mile and come up with an innovative idea.

You can create a hilarious pun, go for a rhyme, or use an inside joke. Clever wordplay can go a long way.

Do you want some inspiration? Here are a few real-life wedding hashtags that deserve an A+ for creativity:

  • #WrittenInTheStarrs (the last name is Starr)
  • #TwoBecomeKwon (the last name is Known)
  • #163000MilesLater (a couple that made a long-distance relationship work)
  • #TwoScoopsOfCoop (the last name is Coop)
  • #ThankHeavenfor711 (the couple married on July 11)

Brainstorm your favorite TV shows, songs, movies, or expressions. If there is room for some mix-and-match situation with your last name, you should grab that opportunity.

Go the Ideal Hashtag Length

A short hashtag will have too much competition. A long hashtag will be hard to remember. You need to aim for the middle.

Veronica Kimball, an event writer at GetGoodGrade shared that “Overly simple and short hashtags are mostly taken. On the other hand, the guest will be hesitant about typing lengthy hashtags. They’ll rather spend that time dancing and having fun.” And that’s why you need to balance it out.

The ideal length for a wedding hashtag is 2 or 3 words. That will give you enough info to work with and express your creativity.

Capitalize the First Letters

How to Write Your Own Wedding Hashtags | Sendo Invitations

If you want the guests to use the hashtag, you need to place it on the rehearsal dinner invitations, wedding website, stationary, and signage, to name a few places. For people to notice what it says, the words need to be distinguishable.

Hashtags can’t have spaces between words. Therefore, you need to find a way to prevent your hashtag from looking like a meaningless string of letters. The solution is to capitalize the first letters.

Make no exceptions. Capitalize the conjunction as well. Your hashtag will standout.

Check the Availability

Before you ecstatically pronounce “This is our hashtag!” check if it’s available. The hashtag trend is in motion, which means that new hashtags are getting “booked” each day.

You don’t want to use an existing hashtag because your photos will get mixed up with other social media posts. An original hashtag will ensure that only your wedding photos are grouped under that hashtag.

If you come across a few photos with the same hashtag, that’s manageable. But if there’s a whole other wedding using it, it’s time to switch it up.

Go for Local Support

How to Write Your Own Wedding Hashtags | Sendo Invitations

Are you looking for something extra that can help your hashtag stand out? Why not add the name of the city or country?

It can be the city of your residence, the destination of your wedding, or the place where you and your partner met. For example:

  • #SarahAndPaulTakeNYC
  • #HitchedInHouston

Give your hashtag a local or national mark. Add a touch of local pride or passion for traveling.

Local hashtags are also a good option if you want to boost your engagement. With a place-related hashtag, people from that area can come across your dream wedding photos.

Use Numbers, Dashes, or Symbols

What can help you differentiate your hashtag from similar ones is letter-less addition. Add numbers, dashes, or symbols to make it unique.

For example, if #ThisIsTheDay is taken, you can add your wedding date like this: #ThisIsTheDay1142021.

Try not to use random numbers as guests will easily forget that. What they can’t forget is the day of the wedding.

Numbers aren’t the only choice. If you don’t like how the numbers look in your hashtag, use a symbol or dash. As long as the result is original, it will do the trick.

Minimize the Potential Errors

Once you have your hashtag in front of you, think about whether there’s room for improvement. You should watch out for letter order or words that are easily misspelled.

Let’s say that your hashtag is #AnnaAndJohn. In this case, you should consider switching the name’s order in #JohnAndAnna. The double “a” situation can easily go wrong.

Try to stay away from such confusing letter strings. Navigate the hashtag toward a clean look.

Get Inspired

How to Write Your Own Wedding Hashtags | Sendo Invitations

If ideas aren’t pouring out, don’t worry. You just need some inspiration. Get into the wedding mode by watching wedding videos, movies, or blasting happy music. Then, go and see what’s out there.

Some popular wedding hashtags can give you the creative boost you need. Or, you can combine one of these ideas with your last name (to-be).

Here are some hashtag examples to get you started:

  • #SayYesToTheKress
  • #CrazyStroopedLove
  • #KellysCupOfJoe
  • #JRTaleAsOldAsTime
  • #CrazyAboutCrawford
  • #GregAndJillFinallyHitched
  • #HappilyTheHanks
  • #TheTaylorsAreTaken
  • #TennyBecomeOne

Don’t Stress About It

How to Write Your Own Wedding Hashtags | Sendo Invitations

Creating your hashtag should be an entertaining process. You should exchange ideas with your partner and friends and have a few laughs along the way.

If you start overthinking what others will say, whether they’ll like and similar, the magic will be lost. Remember that this is your day. This is your hashtag, and you and your partner are the only two people whose opinion matters.

You have enough going on with choosing the online wedding invitations, making arrangements with vendors, and keeping everything in line. So, don’t look at writing the hashtag as an obligation. It is something you should have fun with and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to put these tips in motion and write your own wedding hashtag? I hope that there is a powerful yes on the other side.

Turn on that creative energy and come up with a unique hashtag for your dream wedding. In the end, whatever your hashtag is, it will do the perfect job of collecting some incredible memories.

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