How to Plan Your Dream Wedding When You’re Tight on Money

How to Plan Your Dream Wedding When You're Tight on Money #wedding #weddingplanning #weddingbudget #weddingplanningtips

How to Plan Your Dream Wedding When You’re Tight on Money

Book off-season

The first of the ‘10 Steps to Start Planning a Wedding’ centers around planning your budget. When thinking of your ideal wedding, it’s hard to come to terms with everything you’ve envisioned being hindered by financial constraints. But this will only make your dreams more realistic. If you already know that you’ll be tight on money, there are still a number of ways to see your dream wedding come to fruition.

Dream Wedding When You're Tight on Money #wedding #weddingplanning #weddingbudget #weddingplanningtips

A survey by Value Penguin found that the average couple spends $12,343–$14,006 on their wedding venue. These figures are conservative, given that not every venue comes with a caterer or could be more expensive during certain months. Peak season is typically late spring until early fall but depending on where you’re planning on hosting your wedding, this can differ, so do the necessary research about off-season dates. You’ll also be assured that you won’t be competing with any other weddings or holidays. Sometimes, you can even get discounts from certain vendors, because they’re glad to have some business during the off-peak season. 

Go bargain hunting

Love saving Money? Plan your dream wedding on a budget. #sendomatic #wedding #weddingplanning #weddingbudget #weddingplanningtips

Wedding and bridesmaid dresses, decor, party favors – the money you spend on all of these can pile up before you know it. However, just because they’re things used in a wedding doesn’t mean you can’t get them on sale. Unlike most things, however, it’s not about where you find them, but when. A post by Marcus on seasonal sales details that wedding dresses often go on sale in November, just as engagement season picks up. This is because the new season means new styles of dresses, and older styles are instead put on the sales racks, just as they are in other fashion industries. There’s no need to go after what’s en vogue or in season. Your wedding gown should be a classic piece that surpasses any fading trends. You can even consider a dress that allows for a few alterations and embellishments to make it truly bespoke. 

Employ your friends

How to Plan Your Dream Wedding When You're Tight on Money #wedding #weddingplanning #weddingbudget #weddingplanningtips

One of your friends or relatives may be able to offer one of the services you intend on hiring for your wedding: photography, DJ-ing, or singing. Ask them if they’d like to provide their services and offer to pay their professional fee. They’re sure to appreciate you asking and would love having a memorable role at your wedding. For further cost-cutting, Brides suggests asking one of your friends if they’d like to get ordained online to officiate the wedding. Employing the help of your friends will not only save you money but will also account for a more personalized and intimate wedding.

DIY projects

Plan Your Dream Wedding When You're on a Budget #wedding #weddingplanning #weddingbudget #weddingplanningtips

The abundance of templates online lets you create your own invites, place cards, and signs. You can take a flower-arranging class with some of your bridesmaids and turn it into a whole bachelorette party-type of activity, or enlist the help of family members, as recommended by The Spruce. The same can be done with decorations or wedding favors. You can make a day out of it – going shopping for supplies, following instructional videos, and creating something out of nothing all together as you bond before the Big Day. It’s sure to add more meaning knowing that your favorite people took part in making it all happen.

Be sustainable

Save Money on Your Wedding with these Tips! #sendomatic #wedding #weddingplanning #weddingbudget #weddingplanningtips

Social media has shown us every single aspect we think we should be doing for our weddings, like personalized bridesmaid baskets or monogrammed this and that. Wedding and event industry veteran Jennifer Reitmeyer advises skipping all the little extras, including purchasing things that only have one-time use like token cake servers or printed straws. While they are aesthetically pleasing, they’re really nothing more than impractical novelties that guests won’t even realize are missing in the first place. Mother Nature will also thank you later. 

Use online invitations

How to Craft the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner Evite

Online wedding invites are an affordable alternative to paper invitations. They are classy, easy to send and gorgeously designed. They are very acceptable now in lieu of paper and an eco-friendly option.

No price tag can ever put a value on how important this day is for you and your partner. Your wedding is what you make of it, and you can still have your dream wedding at a fraction of the cost. 

Wedding Tips, Plan a Wedding on a Budget #sendomatic #wedding #weddingplanning #weddingbudget #weddingplanningtips

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