Online Baby Shower Invitations

Make your shower special with our gorgeous digital online baby shower invitations. Great for a boy or girl showers. Manage RSVPs, link to gift registries, even collect donations. Also, browse our gorgeous baptism invitations. Select a design to get started:

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Don't see the design you are looking for? We will make a custom design for you.

Sendo online baby shower invitations are the best way to bring a smile to your guests. A Sendo party invitation paired with the amazing event of a bridal shower or birth announcement will have you guests giddy with joy.

Pick from one of Sendo’s many beautiful invitations with animation and hand drawn touches or use Sendo’s many versatile design tools to help you create the perfect shower invitation. Whether it’s the christening or baptism of your adorably cute baby girl or the celebration of your rehearsal dinner or you marriage with a bridal shower, all of Sendo’s online shower invitations are tailor made for you event, and can be customized. You can add an image of your little bundle of joy to your card as a nice touch and to show off your beautiful baby!

Sendo’s baby shower invitations are not only beautiful invitations but also have many helpful features that can help you plan your guest list, or track replies. Sendo also has a unique feature, a live updated shared list, that is perfect for planning bridal or baby showers. You can make a list of everything off of the lucky parents or couple’s registry and watch people check off different items, resting easy knowing the nobody got the same gift, and all items were checked off. You can track the live items as they are marked off, and having the list on the same website as your invitation makes it so much easier for all the invitees. Now they don’t have to visit another website to look at and check items off of the registry, and it’s easier for you to keep track off.

Sendo also lets you put your online announcements on your social media to tell the world about your special delivery or special event, spreading the joy around. Whatever kind of shower, whether for a wedding or a baby, you are starting a new, exciting chapter in your life, and Sendo is there to help you start it in style and with beauty, as is deserved.