7 Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Housewarming Party

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7 Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Housewarming Party

You’ve finally moved into your new home and finished unpacking – hooray! By now, you’ve already heard “so, when can we see your new place?” from your friends too many times to count. Well, it might be time to finally grant their wish and invite them over for a housewarming celebration. Not only is it a great way to showcase your new place, but it’s also a fantastic way to mark the start of a new era and have fun with all your friends. However, even though everybody knows the goal of a housewarming party is to have a blast, planning one can come with a lot of stress. Lucky for you, we compiled a list of our best tips for throwing the ultimate housewarming party!

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Don’t Leave Planning For Last-Minute

Although some might enjoy an impromptu get-together, chances are most of your friends will like to know about the party at least a few days before, if not weeks. Of course, this can differ depending on your friend group, their habits, and their age. Still, generally speaking, most people will appreciate receiving a housewarming invitation at least three days before the party.

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What’s great about this is the fact that knowing about the party ahead of time also leaves you with ample time to start preparing and planning all the details. So, start with a list of all the essentials and make your way from there.

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Select a Date & Time

Don’t throw the party the second you move in. Instead, spend some time getting comfortable and used to your new surroundings before scheduling a bash. This will also leave you with enough time to completely organize your new home in the way best suits you and conduct the first major cleaning. Of course, you should sanitize everything right away with deep cleaning after moving in, but as you start unpacking and moving around the furniture, a new layer of dust will settle that will absolutely require a cleaning.

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Create A Guest List

Think about all the people you want to invite, and write their names down in a list. Don’t forget that you can also invite your new neighbors in order to get to know them better. However, try not to make a list that’s too long. Keep it realistic. If you don’t have a lot of cash, you can either make a small gathering or tell people that it’s a potluck or BYOB night. While the second option isn’t that common with housewarming parties, it’s better to let your guests know in advance than to run out of drinks and food before the night is over.

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Settle On A Theme

There are two ways you can play it. Option number one is to throw a regular housewarming party with minimal decorations. On the other hand, option two is to choose a one-of-a-kind theme and have a night you’ll never forget. Although the second one may seem more intriguing, the big problem is settling on a theme that everybody will get into. This is why it’s important to know your audience, figuratively speaking. Think about your friends’ shared interests, and find something you all have in common. If in doubt, straight-up ask them about the theme.

After you finally decide on a theme, it’s time to make decorations. Of course, if your budget is high, you can always buy decorations, but DIY-ing is a great way to save cash by getting creative.

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Don’t Forget About The Food

The most crucial element of every house party is the food. Choosing your food menu will be simple if your party already has a theme. However, if you’re throwing a party without a theme, make sure the food is plentiful and not too heavy. Don’t add too many options. You can either order bulk delivery from a reputable restaurant or arrange for a cook to avoid spending the entire party in the kitchen; the choice is yours.

If you’re throwing a party in your garden, you can always do a barbeque during the day and roast marshmallows at night. However, if you live in an apartment but still want that cozy vibe, you can prepare a fun cocoa stick marshmallow dessert for your guests.

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Make A Housewarming Party Playlist

One of our most important tips for throwing the ultimate housewarming party is to take the lyrics from the popular Rihanna’s song “Please don’t stop the music” literally. Every excellent party needs a terrific musical soundtrack. So, make a playlist ahead of time that includes a balance of energetic, catchy songs, current hits, and ageless classics. If guests are nodding in time to the music, you’ve done a fantastic job. However, if you notice people getting bored, ask them to play songs that they like – it can turn into a fun night!

An important thing to note here is that you shouldn’t play the music so loud people don’t hear each other talk. Also, be mindful of your neighbors who might be trying to relax or even sleep while you’re throwing a housewarming party.

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Play Games

Playing games is a great method to learn more about your acquaintances. Moreover, playing a game at the beginning of the night is a great way to get everyone relaxed and talking to each other. When choosing a game, you can either purchase popular party games online or try your hand at some traditional card or domino games. You can also try hosting a mini-scavenger hunt inside your home or posing trivia questions about your household members for more laid-back icebreakers.

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While hosting a housewarming party is a joyous occasion, it’s also a lot of responsibility and work. As a host, you might spend the whole party wondering if your guests are having fun. In case you find yourself scanning people’s faces a little too closely for signs of boredom, try focusing on having fun yourself, and the others will join in. We hope you find our tips for throwing the ultimate housewarming party helpful and that you throw a party you’ll never forget!


Jennifer Sitko Skarakis, a graphic designer and design enthusiast, is the founder of Sendo Invitations and editor of The Sendo Blog.


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    Reading this blog post made me remember the time when my owners moved into a new house and how they couldn’t wait to invite all their friends over to celebrate. One thing I’m curious about is if the post has any tips on how to decorate the house for the party. Have you ever thrown a housewarming party?

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    I find the suggestions and tips provided to be practical and helpful for anyone planning such an event. The article covers various aspects, including decor, food, drinks, and entertainment, ensuring that hosts can create a warm and enjoyable atmosphere for their guests. From personalized invitations to incorporating interactive elements, the article offers creative ideas that can elevate a housewarming party into a memorable experience.

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    Reading Jennifer Skarakis’ tips for throwing the ultimate housewarming party brought back memories of my own move last year. I vividly recall the excitement of unpacking and the pressure to organize a memorable gathering. Following her advice on planning ahead and creating a guest list helped me avoid last-minute chaos, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable event. Now, whenever Rihanna’s “Please don’t stop the music” plays, it instantly takes me back to the lively atmosphere of that unforgettable housewarming celebration.


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