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Non-Toxic Post Party Clean Up Ideas

Post Party Clean Up – 3 Non-Toxic Ideas

The confetti has settled from your immensely successful event, and now it is time to clean. Don’t reach for products that stress out your system with toxic chemicals. Pick products that are not only clean for your house, but clean for your body. Try these post party clean up tips. When you think of cleaning, you assume the products only help you, and NOT hurt you. But many cleaning products have chemicals that when absorbed through your skin, or inhaled into your lungs, cause damage you may not see or feel right away. Some of the chemicals found in every day cleaning products can cause major health problems, such as fertility challenges, thyroid dysfunction, and even cancerous growths. Why risk that when there are products you can choose that aren’t going to harm you? The smell of a cleaning product is always important to consumers. What good is a clean house if it doesn’t smell clean, right? Unfortunately, chemicals that create fabulous fragrances are often some of the common problem causers! Many people have health …

pretty flower fairy light egg carton tutorial

Flower Fairy Lights DIY Tutorial

If you love fairy lights then you will love this easy tutorial for creating flower fairy lights from egg cartons! Supplies for making Flower Fairy Lights – different colored cartons (or  you may choose to paint them yourself) – scissors – wire Step 1. With a pair of sturdy scissors, cut away excess cardboard surrounding the cup strips. Round the edges of the egg carton strips to imagine the petals. Make three of these egg carton ends and insert them into each other. The innermost need not be cut into four strips. Step 2. Insert the wire into the hole in the middle and fasten them by pinching the wire together. Make sure it hangs a long wire out from the hole so that the downside in this way can pin the flower on a branch. Step 3. Starting at the cup opening, make a short slit into each side of the cup.Then simply insert one fairy light into each “flower”. They are not attached to anything. Happy creating! xx Amici Events xx