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5 Must-Haves for Throwing the Perfect Picnic Party2

5 Must-Haves for Throwing the Perfect Picnic Party

Planning your next summer gathering? There’s no better way to celebrate than with a good ol’ fashioned picnic party! That’s why this month, we’re sharing what we would consider to be 5 must-haves for throwing any picnic party! Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion like a graduation, a family reunion, birthday, or just gathering a group of friends for some summer fun, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to read until the end, because we’re sharin’ our picnic party theme online invitation with you! Let’s get started! 1. Gingham Picnic Blanket No picnic party is complete without the perfect picnic blanket. Plus, nothing says picnic like gingham print, which is why we’re loving this festive blanket by ModCloth. Your guests will love it, and it’ll give your party the perfect picnic vibes! If you don’t have time to run out and find this picnic blanket, don’t fear! You can easily achieve this look by using a gingham tablecloth as a picnic blanket. It’s all about making the most of the resources you have! 2. Corn …

Throw A Flamingo Party With These 5 Necessities

Throw A Flamingo Party With These 5 Necessities

Birds of a feather….. party together! That’s right folks, this month we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to throw a flamingo party with 5 of our favorite necessities. Whether your flamingo party is for a birthday, a grad party, or a bachelorette party – you can apply these necessities to any occasion. For even more inspiration for a flamingo party, check out our Pinterest board! Plus, stay tuned at the end for our brand new flamingo online invitation (complete with tunes!) — it’s free for up to 10 guests 🙂 1. Flamingo Donuts First off – FOOD! Or in this case, dessert. We love these adorable flamingo donuts by Shoes Off Please. These flamingo donuts are easy enough to make for the beginner-baker in us, but also help get our creative juices flowing while we make them too. 2. DIY Flamingo Party Ring Toss Next step: activities! The best part about a flamingo party is that it can be incorporated into the theme many ways. Take a spin on the standard ring toss game by either planting …

Gold Pumpkin Place Card

Seven DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards We Love!

We’ve pulled together our top Thanksgiving place card finds this season to help give you some table top inspo! All can be easily made. Include the help of your kids for a family friendly DIY craft. Enjoy! Cork & Feather Place Card My favorite – I’m obsessed with feathers this season. By Hometalk Gold Pumpkin Place Card Love the rich gold leaf paint on this place card and the simple single letter as the name. By Cupcakes & Cashmere Pine Cone Place Card The rustic charm of this place card is so fun. Also love the colored tips on the pine cones. By Stampington & Company Chalkboard Thanksgiving Place Card Can be used year after year – wipe off the chalk and re-use! By Heathered Nest Tissue Paper Pumpkin Place Card We love this tissue pom-pom and delicate wire pumpkin. By Design Dining & Diapers Cork Thanksgiving Place Card You may have to drink a few bottles of wine before starting this place card project 😉 By Almost Makes Perfect Pumpkin Leaf Place Card This simple pumpkin place card comes with …

A Daisy Themed Graduation Party

I created this sweet daisy theme Graduation Party for my daughter. Our school colors are green and white and I thought it would look pretty to use daisies for the flowers – that became my theme! I then added a splash of yellow to the party palette. Knowing my theme and colors several months in advance helped tremendously in preparing for the party. As I was doing my daily shopping I would come across great items to make every detail special. I found so many of my items at Michaels in the dollar bins including tons of pretty ribbon and these super cute green frames. I also wanted the party to have a soft shabby chic feel. I bought several yards of quilting fabrics in a variety of prints and a good pair of pinking shears using this for many of the decorations. My favorite was a pretty ribbon garland made out of Jute string, a variety of ribbons and strips of the quilting fabric. It hung between the columns of our pavilion and look …

pretty flower fairy light egg carton tutorial

Flower Fairy Lights DIY Tutorial

If you love fairy lights then you will love this easy tutorial for creating flower fairy lights from egg cartons! Supplies for making Flower Fairy Lights – different colored cartons (or  you may choose to paint them yourself) – scissors – wire Step 1. With a pair of sturdy scissors, cut away excess cardboard surrounding the cup strips. Round the edges of the egg carton strips to imagine the petals. Make three of these egg carton ends and insert them into each other. The innermost need not be cut into four strips. Step 2. Insert the wire into the hole in the middle and fasten them by pinching the wire together. Make sure it hangs a long wire out from the hole so that the downside in this way can pin the flower on a branch. Step 3. Starting at the cup opening, make a short slit into each side of the cup.Then simply insert one fairy light into each “flower”. They are not attached to anything. Happy creating! xx Amici Events xx

candy land party theme for kids birthdays, school parties and more

Candy Land Party Ideas

I am loving this adorable Candy Land Party on Lots of great decorating ideas on a budget! It’s so colorful, vibrant and, most importantly, FUN! Candy Land Party Trail Use 12×12 construction paper to re-create the classic Sugar Trail from Candy Land! What you use to hold it in place depends on your floor type. For carpet, try packing tape. For delicate flooring, consider something gentle like Scotch tape. Candy Land Lollipop Balloons These giant “lollipops” are made from empty wrapping paper tubes, balloons and cellophane! Use white acrylic paint on the wrapping paper tube. For something a bit more sturdy, you could use spray painted PVC pipe. Candy Land Wall Decor Colored plates and cellophane to make candy for the walls. Choose vibrant colored plates, wrap, and seal up the ends with a twist tie or rubber band! Attach them to the walls with a little Scotch tape. You can make a number of these using inexpensive colored plates from the dollar store. Candy Land Party Favors Party-goers can take home these Candy Land …

Amazing Race Adventure Party Ideas

We love the Amazing Race show in our house and this Sunday nights show is the season finale. I have been collecting a few great party ideas that can be used to create an incredible and fun Amazing Race Party. A fun party for the teen or tweens! Amazing Race Party Set-up As guest arrive snap a Polaroid picture and get them started on their journey with a passport. This is fun for each kid to have stamped as they journey threw each leg of the race. I love the idea of each guest having their own tote bag filled with tools and items for different challenges they must complete during the race. This inspiration comes from A. Party Style and her fantastic Around The World Party. There are many more photos and details to see – here. 1. & 2. I featured this Around the world party from Happy Hour Mom here. I loved the post card centerpiece and the globe beach ball. The beach ball could be used in a “pool leg of …

western style fall party inspiration decor design theme

Western Style For A Fall Party

There is a chill in the air and the nights are getting shorter, but many of us are not ready to give up our outdoor entertaining. It does not feel right to move into the true “harvest style” entertaining, so why not a western theme! This is a casual way to continue entertaining outside on those cooler days. With a few Western Style Details, great food and friends you can have a fun and memorable day! Here are a few ideas to get the party started. 1, 3 & 4 Hoedown from Country Living. 2 Wedding from 5 Texas Barbecue from Country Living. 1 & 5 Hoedown from Country Living. 2 Wedding from 3 Texas Barbecue from Country living. 4. Cowgirl Cookies from Bakerella. Posted by Oh My Creative!