Five Ideas for a Rock-Star Themed Birthday Party

I want to go to this rock star themed party! Cute idea for drink cups!

Five Ideas for a Rock-Star Themed Birthday Party

Birthdays are always fun, and what makes them even more fun is if it is a theme party! A rock star birthday party is a great way to enjoy the day if the birthday person is a music lover. There are so many ways that you can have to represent the rock and roll, and have a memorable day! Here are five ways in which you can plan a memorable rock-star themed birthday party.

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Invitations are the first glimpse of your Rock and Roll themed party, so make sure you have the most rockin’ invites you can create. You can make guitar shaped invites, and send them down to the kids’ school and down the neighborhood. Or, make round invites that look like vinyl records, and write down detail with a gold or silver ink. You can also make invites that look like a concert pass! Another easy way to invite your guests are online invitations. Sendo Invitations has a few standout Rock invites and you can even upload your favorite rock song! Take a peek at some standout invites: Let’s Rock, Boombox, Admit One and Spotlights.

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You can use all the creativity you have to decorate a rock-star themed party. For starters, you can have a red carpet rolled out leading to the cake table. You can use red felt or a wrapping paper for this. You can also have a banner hanging at the front door that says “Rock Concert – Sold Out”. You can also have an area separate with music blasting so the guests can dance and enjoy themselves. Another thing that you can do is have large posters of pop-stars and rock-stars and paste them in the entire space of your birthday. You can also have a backdrop with the birthday person’s favorite band, or you can make your own with a plain white or black base, and have stars, guitars, drums, and vinyl records drawn all over.

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You can have theme-related food made specially from the caters. If you want to be creative, then there a couple of options for that as well. You can serve french fries and popcorn in themed plates, or in stadium cups. You can get rock-star themed cups from any decoration supply store, or you can also make them with permanent markers and white colored cups. You can offer toppings for popcorn like salt, cheese, and caramel sauce. You can serve sparkling water in plastic champagne glasses.  You make  make cookies and sandwiches shaped like guitars and stars. You can use cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches as well. You can also have a large bowl full of Pop Rocks candy.

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Party Games

No birthday is complete without party games! There are so many games you can do. You can have themed bingo games, and have a theme related prize for the winner. You can also have a theme related scavenger hunt! This is one of the most favorite games of all times. Another game that everyone loves is Pin the tail on the Donkey. Ask everyone in the party to participate. Also, make sure you have a piñata which is also Rock-star themed!

Who wouldn't want to come to this rock and roll themed birthday party? Love these microphone cake-pops!

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Party Favors

Thank your guests by giving them the most fantastic goodie bags! You can out so many things like temporary tattoos, notepads with themed pens, funky sunglasses, candies, silly straws, lollipops, and even guitar bubbles. You can also add edible candy jewelry, as well as real jewelry, like a cute bracelet or a strap on rock star themed band. You can also add bookmarks, and anything else that you want. Click here to read more about it.

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What a cute idea for a rock star themed birthday party! Get event inspo here. #birthdayinspo #rockandroll #partyinspo #rockon #kidspartyideas #sendomatic #discoballs

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Do you have ideas for a Rock Star birthday party? Please let us know in the comments below.

Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes guitarist. In her free time, she homeschools, works out and listens to live music.


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