Throw A Flamingo Party With These 5 Necessities

Planning a flamingo party? Use this evite - free for up to 10 guests!

Throw A Flamingo Party With These 5 Necessities

Birds of a feather, party together! That’s right folks, this month we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to throw a flamingo party with 5 of our favorite necessities. Whether your flamingo party is for a birthday, a grad party, or a bachelorette party – you can apply these necessities to any occasion.

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Plus, stay tuned at the end for our brand new flamingo online invitation (complete with tunes!) — it’s free for up to 10 guests 🙂

1. Flamingo Donuts

First off – FOOD! Or in this case, dessert. We love these adorable flamingo donuts by Shoes Off Please. These flamingo donuts are easy enough to make for the beginner-baker in us, but also help get our creative juices flowing while we make them too.

2. DIY Flamingo Party Ring Toss

Next step: activities! The best part about a flamingo party is that it can be incorporated into the theme many ways. Take a spin on the standard ring toss game by either planting lawn flamingos into cute planters or just stick them right in your lawn. However, the advantage of putting them in planters is that you can move them around to make the game harder or easier! Source: Sugar And Cloth

3. Flamingo Mini Pool

Taking the party outside? Make it a mini pool party! This adorable flamingo-meets-Barbie party can be fixated in any corner of the party – or you can even take a flamingo blow up and put it in a big pool if you have one. We love how they incorporated the flamingo balloon as well! Source: Lenzo

4. DIY Flamingo Pinata

If you’re celebrating a kid’s birthday, this pinata is for you. We’ve seen some store-bought pinatas upwards of $100, so this is a cute, affordable do-it-yourself pinata from Studio DIY! It’ll definitely take some time to build, but if you make it yourself you can make it as big as you want and customize the coloring. Fill it with candy and let the kids swing away!

Planning a flamingo party? Use this evite - free for up to 10 guests!

5. A Festive Flamingo Online Invitation

Last but not least, be sure to send out the cutest invitations! We recently created this flamingo online invitation, complete with two flamingos and party music too! This eco-friendly invitation option is free for parties of up to 10 guests and you can even send them event reminders too.

For more info on our online invitation features, click here!

Planning a flamingo party? Use this evite - free for up to 10 guests!

What else do you recommend for flamingo parties? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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