Hosting a Teen Party, Even They Would Love

Teen Party Ideas | Sendo Invitations

Hosting a Teen Party, Even They Would Love

Every parent of a teenager knows that they are hard to please. They are not usually into our ideas for fun or what we may think is cool. So when it comes to hosting a party for them, it usually takes a couple of tries before we get it right. If you are looking for a theme for a teen party that won’t make them roll their eyes, you have come to the right spot. Here are our teen party themes even they would love:

Teen Party Ideas | Sendo Invitations

‘Favorite things’ party

Everyone has a few items that they love and just can’t live without. What is a ‘favorite things’ party?  Each person brings something they love in multiples for everyone to have.  It can be a favorite lip gloss, a favorite candle, or anything of the sort.  Kids love this type of party because they come away with some great gifts as well as finding out that these things may become their favorite things too.

Teen Party Ideas | Sendo Invitations

Scavenger hunt in the mall

Give them a series of clues of things to find at a mall close by.  They can verify their findings by sending you pictures with their phone. Divide them into two teams and the first team to complete their mission gets a fun prize.  Maybe a gift card to their favorite store?  They will love going to all their favorite stores on a mission and will love the competitive aspect of it.

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Outdoor movie

Maybe your teen wants just wants a low-key night. An outdoor movie is a great solution. Set up a screen and a projector to put their favorite movie on. Make it complete with some popcorn and all the candy treats they desire. Have some soft snuggly blankets on hand for them to wrap themselves up in. Use this movie night invite

Teen Party Invitations | Sendo Invitations

Pool Party & Glamping

Do you have a pool but are tired of doing another pool party?  Step up a pool party into a combo glamping party as well. Rent a yurt and create an oasis outside with beautiful pillows and boho decor. Your guests will love the idea of camping but with nice clean bathrooms inside the house and plush decor to sleep on at night.

Paint party

Does your teen love to paint? Do a custom private party at a painting studio. Bring all their favorite treats to much on along with their favorite drinks. Pick a design that they will love to create. Not only will they have so much fun but they will have a special memento to remember their day. Use this paint-themed invitation

Knockerball party

For the sports enthusiast, try out this fun activity. It is soccer but you are basically in a round single-chamber inflatable sphere where you can knock into one another. It’s a funny game to play but can be quite competitive. Knock each other around without worrying about hurting one another.

Glow party

For a fun night party, try a glow party. Create neon decorations with brightly colored balloons with glow sticks in them.  You can hand out glow accessories as party favors.  Light up the night with fun different color lights and turn on their favorite jams to dance to.  You can even find neon food coloring for cake and make glowing drinks. Use this neon glow party invitation.

Game Night Party

Hosting a fun night playing board games is so cool and chill. Have their favorite foods to feast on and they will enjoy playing all their favorite games. Step up the competition by having fun prizes for the winners. You can create different areas around the house for game setups. Choose some classic games and throw in some new ones they have never played before.

Party Bus

A fun birthday party to do for your teen is to rent a party bus. If your teen’s birthday falls on Halloween or Christmas, take the bus around to see all the fun lights and decorations. Then bring them to their favorite restaurant to eat. Pack the bus with their favorite sodas and candy. This will be a party all their friends will talk about!


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