3 Tips and Tricks on Planning the Most Awesome Pool Party on a Shoestring Budget

Pool Party

3 Tips and Tricks on Planning the Most Awesome Pool Party on a Shoestring Budget

One of the best ways to show appreciation for the summer seasons is to throw a pool party. Inviting a few friends and family members to enjoy a swim and some snacks, refreshments, and fun is a pleasant way to spend a hot summer day. Of course, depending on your idea of a budget, pool parties can become expensive with things like décor, store-bought foods, and luxury pool toys. If you want to have a party without breaking the bank, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Make Your Own Snacks

It can be very tempting to run to the store just before your party and throw half the chip aisle into your cart. However, feeding guests in this way can add up more easily than you might expect. Instead, you should make your own snacks, cutting costs and allowing for more creativity. Rather than serving boring bowls of chips, you can customize the snacks to form a cohesive theme for your party. Some popular pool party themes might be islands, tiki masks, under the sea, and pirates. When you have decided on a theme, you will be able to entertain and impress your guests with theme-aligned snacks.

Skimp on the Alcohol

While most adult-centric parties involve alcohol, purchasing enough to go around can very easily dent you party budget. Instead of providing endless alcohol, limit drinks to one per guest. You might even ask your guests to supplement the drinks with their favorite beers in a sort of alcoholic potluck. To accompany your snacks, it can be fun to invent a themed cocktail. Blue beverages are always a safe bet for pool party themes.

If your budget is slim, you might consider crafting a signature punch blend sans alcohol. It gives your guests something fun and entertaining to drink without the financial impact of alcohol.

Always Shop Sales

Unique pool toys are always a good thing to supply your guests, particularly if there will be alcohol served. A night spent floating on a giant rubber ducky will be far more memorable for your guests than one spent standing in the shallow end of the pool. Though many of these fun pool toys cost a pretty penny, they can be obtained at budget prices if you take the time to find the sales. If you have the foresight, it can also be very beneficial to pounce on expensive toys at the end of the season. While they may not be useful for the upcoming pool party, they will have saved you money for next year.

Pool parties are always fun regardless of your budget. If you have the pool, the sun, and good company, you will likely have a successful event. However, supplying themed food, drinks, and inflatables will take your party one step further. If you want people talking about your party in the months to come, but want to avoid breaking the bank, remember to make your own snacks, limit alcohol, and shop the sales for unique pool toys. If you can pull these things off, your guests will be back next year.

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