Stand Out Party Ideas for Your Next Tailgate

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Stand Out Party Ideas for Your Next Tailgate

Serving burgers and beer is not going to cut it anymore at your next tailgate party. It’s time to spice things up! Give your guests something that they will look forward to and not just watching the game. Here are some fun tailgate party ideas that will really make your party stand out from all the rest.

Mexican Fiesta Tailgate

Taco Bar Tailgate Idea

You don’t have to wait till Cinco De Mayo to have some fiesta fun. A Mexican Fiesta is a great party theme for a tailgate and so easy to put together! A great idea is to serve “walking tacos.” Have a small Frito’s bags available and place a cut down the side. Guests can add all their favorite toppings from a taco bar that you set up. This can be cheese, beans, lettuce, sour cream, etc.… They can eat with a fork and still walk around and socialize without the messiness that sometimes comes with eating a taco. Get more inspo here how to make your own taco bar. A fun drink to serve with this Mexican Fiesta tailgate idea are Margaritas!

Don’t forget to use one of our fun Fiesta themed invitations for your Mexican Fiesta tailgate.

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Deep Fry Tailgate

Tailgating Idea | Deep Fry Tailgate - get more creative tailgating ideas here!

Anything deep fried tastes delicious! Don’t believe us? Set up two deep fryers at your next tailgate. One will be for the meats and the other for the desserts. You can deep fry a turkey or stuffed peppers. Even your own french fries! And you can have your guests bring different treats to try to deep fry. This can range from Oreo’s to even oatmeal cookies. You will be amazed at what you’ll discover tastes so delicious deep fried! Outdoor deep fryers are inexpensive and use propane to fry. 

Chilly-Chili Cook Off Tailgate

Tailgating Idea | Chili Cook Off Tailgate - get more creative tailgating ideas here!

Chili is a great dish to serve when its cold outside. Especially during the later months of tailgate when the weather becomes chilly, a hot chili cook-off is just what the doctor ordered. Perfect for the lazy tailgater, have your guest bring their own favorite homemade chili to your next tailgate to be entered into a contest. Bring a healthy chili recipe like this one from Two Healthy Kitchens. Add a fun prize that everyone would love to win. A restaurant gift card or even a night out at a hotel. You may be surprised at how competitive things may get. 

PC: Two Healthy Kitchens

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