Author: Sky Yonehiro

Proven Methods that Ensure Your Event is Well Attended

Proven Methods that Ensure Your Event is Well Attended

As an organizer, your fundamental goal is to ensure that your event is well attended. How do you improve attendance and motivate guests to attend your event?  Put yourself in the shoes of your invitees to see the event from their point of view. You also need to consider  your target audience, what will motivate them and what can deter them from attending your event. Below are some ideas to help improve attendance.  Engage your attendees at your event You may have your guests, signs, food and your event purpose in order. But the big question should be how do you get these visitors involved in your event? Depending on the key objectives of your occasion you will have many choices which include the following. You can offer tours at your event if it has distinct features like energy efficiency, art or even sustainability. You can also organize for a high profile speaker. This can be a popular government, community or personality leader or even a cheerleader of your organization or brand. Finally, you can …

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How to Organize The Perfect Soap Box Derby

A Soap Box Derby is fun for a whole community! It gives parents and children something to work on together, and is fun for everybody to watch! A soap box derby also draws kids and communities away from the electronic world and back into the physical world together. Our Town, Woodside California holds an annual Woodside Soapbox Derby. Soap Box Cars: Soap box derby cars need to be assembled by hand. A great way to make your soap box derby fun before the race is to have build days. Build days all participants in the race are invited to come build their cars together. It’s a great way to build camaraderie and have fun assembling your car.  It also gives people access to help and troubleshooting as they assemble their cars. The most personalized aspect of soap box derby cars is their decorations. This is where children can get creative and really own their cars. Don’t be afraid to add things onto the car. We’ve had a car that was decorated to look like a …