Plan a Fundraising Event with These Simple Tips

Plan a Fundraising Event with These Simple Tips

Plan a Fundraising Event with These Simple Tips

Before the digital age brought tools like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the only fundraisers were campaigns and events. While the Internet has changed the game in terms of fundraisers, events still have purpose. They bring people together for a common cause and can often yield results more effectively than an Internet campaign.

But how do you plan a fundraiser event? Get inspired with these simple tips.

Goal, Budget, Purpose

Much must be taken into consideration before you can even shop for a venue. First, set a goal. Consider what you’ve seen in the past at similar events and set a range of income that you expect to see from this event. Consider the lowest amount you might raise, as well as the highest goal. Is the event worth it even if you only achieve your lowest estimation? Yes? Then it’s time you set a budget.

The larger your budget the more money you’ll potentially raise. However, a large budget doesn’t guarantee success, which is why purpose is so important. People don’t donate to causes or startups without good reason. That’s why your event needs a clear, concise purpose. Let potential attendees know this purpose, and use it often, almost as a mantra, as you publicize your event. Keep your purpose mantra to a short sentence, so it sticks in people’s heads. A well-defined purpose will attract donors more than your goal or your budget.


It’s no secret that people are more loose with their money if they’ve had a drink or two. While this may sound manipulative, the reason people attend your fundraiser is to support your cause. Make it easier for them–provide them drinks. There are a couple ways your event can utilize a bar: if your event requires a paid ticket of considerable cost, an open bar is preferable. This works, for instance, in the event that you hold an auction. The more drinks people have, the more likely they are to bid on items. If you throw a benefit concert, charge for drinks at an inflated rate. People will pay more because they know the money is going to a good cause. Make sure you have plenty of signs that remind people that all proceeds fund the cause your event promotes.

Combine Strategies

Just because you’ve planned an event doesn’t mean you should forsake the popular approach of Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Instead, combine the best of both worlds. In this high-tech era, there’s no reason you can’t throw an event that promotes your online fundraiser. While the festivities are underway, create table signs, banners, cards, and even coasters that remind people they can donate to your online campaign at the touch of a button. Make access even easier and provide QR codes on signs and cards, so it is simple for smartphone users to find your page. While the event can promote your online presence, there are many nuances of a successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign that should also be taken into consideration.

Viral Invitations

Let’s face it, the more people at your event, the more funds you have the potential to raise. Go viral with your invitation by posting it on social media and letting it spread. It’s easy to create a viral Online Fundraising Invitation with Sendo Invitations. Simply create the invitation using the Send it Out Yourself feature which gives you an event URL to post anywhere you wish. Guests will be able to purchase event tickets or make a donation. Your marketing email list will grow as well! – you will be gathering guest information when they RSVP.

What other great tips do you have for planning a fundraiser?

Jennifer Sitko Skarakis, a graphic designer and design enthusiast, is the founder of Sendo Invitations and editor of The Sendo Blog.


  • April 29, 2016


    Useful tips!! Thanks for sharing. Budget is really very important for any event especially for fundraiser events. Invitation is most important for events, it creates first impression about the event.

    Recently I received video invitation for non-profit event. It really awesome. It is customized using video. I tried to create one in online using, very simple to create & send. It saves both time and money.

  • March 14, 2018

    Great info Jennifer!! Thank you for sharing this amazing tips.

    There are number fundraising platform in market but recently I have used to plan an fundraising event for charity.It’s an completely unique and free.


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