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DIY Gift Wrap Ideas For The Holidays

The holidays are in full swing! With family in town, parties to plan, and cookies to be baked, there’s plenty to do before the holidays arrive. This season, we put together a list of 4 of our favorite DIY gift-wrap ideas to set your gifts apart from the crowd! While it is the season for giving, sometimes the wrapping it comes in can be the icing on the cake you need to make your loved one’s holiday. See below for our favorite wrapping! 1. Paint Splatter Not all DIY gift wrap has to be complicated! We love this painted take on brown wrapping paper. Take some white paint and splatter it on the paper, or simply paint on the pattern that you want. Let the paper fully dry before wrapping your presents with it, and top it off with greenery or a minimal ribbon! 2. Pink Reindeer Wrapping presents for kids? This reindeer wrapping paper jobs are almost as fun as the presents inside of them! Kids will love seeing these under the tree on Christmas …

Floral Brooch Pins - Great Valentine Day Idea

Valentine Floral Brooches with Vintage Pins

We’re crazy for these vintage floral brooches from OhJoy! Perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts  – teachers, friends & grandmas. What a delight to give as well. We have fragrant daffodils blooming in our backyard and a trunk full of vintage pins from a great aunt. This is a must do for our family. I love the idea of using an assortment decorative fabric scraps in the design as well. Thanks for the darling idea Joy! { you can view the full directions here, photos by: OhJoy! }

Recycled Sweater Wine Bottle Gift Bags Tutorial DIY Upcycle

DIY – Recycled Sweater Wine Bottle Gift Bags

I had three Holiday Parties this weekend and wanted to add a personal touch to my wine hostess gifts. I came up with this simple 10 minute craft that my hostesses loved. I was able to recycle a few out-dated sweaters as well. Yes, these gift bags are made of sweater sleeves! Tutorial: Recycled Sweater Wine Bottle Gift Bags All you need is one or two old sweaters (I recommend using size small as the sleeves get larger near the arm opening. Even a larger child’s sweater would work if the sleeve is long enough.) Trims or ribbon Tacky Glue Needle and thread First, cut the sleeve off straight across at the bottom at the arm hole. Then turn the cuff over the sleeve. Place the bottle in the sleeve to determine the exact length. Trim so there is about an inch overhang below the bottle. Remove the bottle and turn the sleeve inside out. Sew with a loop stitch closing the center. I left both ends open about an inch. Turn sleeve to the …