Author: Susan Boroch

A Daisy Themed Graduation Party

I created this sweet daisy theme Graduation Party for my daughter. Our school colors are green and white and I thought it would look pretty to use daisies for the flowers – that became my theme! I then added a splash of yellow to the party palette. Knowing my theme and colors several months in advance helped tremendously in preparing for the party. As I was doing my daily shopping I would come across great items to make every detail special. I found so many of my items at Michaels in the dollar bins including tons of pretty ribbon and these super cute green frames. I also wanted the party to have a soft shabby chic feel. I bought several yards of quilting fabrics in a variety of prints and a good pair of pinking shears using this for many of the decorations. My favorite was a pretty ribbon garland made out of Jute string, a variety of ribbons and strips of the quilting fabric. It hung between the columns of our pavilion and look …

Recycled Sweater Wine Bottle Gift Bags Tutorial DIY Upcycle

DIY – Recycled Sweater Wine Bottle Gift Bags

I had three Holiday Parties this weekend and wanted to add a personal touch to my wine hostess gifts. I came up with this simple 10 minute craft that my hostesses loved. I was able to recycle a few out-dated sweaters as well. Yes, these gift bags are made of sweater sleeves! Tutorial: Recycled Sweater Wine Bottle Gift Bags All you need is one or two old sweaters (I recommend using size small as the sleeves get larger near the arm opening. Even a larger child’s sweater would work if the sleeve is long enough.) Trims or ribbon Tacky Glue Needle and thread First, cut the sleeve off straight across at the bottom at the arm hole. Then turn the cuff over the sleeve. Place the bottle in the sleeve to determine the exact length. Trim so there is about an inch overhang below the bottle. Remove the bottle and turn the sleeve inside out. Sew with a loop stitch closing the center. I left both ends open about an inch. Turn sleeve to the …

Amazing Race Adventure Party Ideas

We love the Amazing Race show in our house and this Sunday nights show is the season finale. I have been collecting a few great party ideas that can be used to create an incredible and fun Amazing Race Party. A fun party for the teen or tweens! Amazing Race Party Set-up As guest arrive snap a Polaroid picture and get them started on their journey with a passport. This is fun for each kid to have stamped as they journey threw each leg of the race. I love the idea of each guest having their own tote bag filled with tools and items for different challenges they must complete during the race. This inspiration comes from A. Party Style and her fantastic Around The World Party. There are many more photos and details to see – here. 1. & 2. I featured this Around the world party from Happy Hour Mom here. I loved the post card centerpiece and the globe beach ball. The beach ball could be used in a “pool leg of …

western style fall party inspiration decor design theme

Western Style For A Fall Party

There is a chill in the air and the nights are getting shorter, but many of us are not ready to give up our outdoor entertaining. It does not feel right to move into the true “harvest style” entertaining, so why not a western theme! This is a casual way to continue entertaining outside on those cooler days. With a few Western Style Details, great food and friends you can have a fun and memorable day! Here are a few ideas to get the party started. 1, 3 & 4 Hoedown from Country Living. 2 Wedding from 5 Texas Barbecue from Country Living. 1 & 5 Hoedown from Country Living. 2 Wedding from 3 Texas Barbecue from Country living. 4. Cowgirl Cookies from Bakerella. Posted by Oh My Creative!