Amazing Race Adventure Party Ideas

Amazing Race Adventure Party Ideas

We love the Amazing Race show in our house and this Sunday nights show is the season finale. I have been collecting a few great party ideas that can be used to create an incredible and fun Amazing Race Party. A fun party for the teen or tweens!

Amazing Race Party Set-up

As guest arrive snap a Polaroid picture and get them started on their journey with a passport. This is fun for each kid to have stamped as they journey threw each leg of the race. I love the idea of each guest having their own tote bag filled with tools and items for different challenges they must complete during the race. This inspiration comes from A. Party Style and her fantastic Around The World Party. There are many more photos and details to see – here.

Amazing Race Party Birthday Ideas setup

1. & 2. I featured this Around the world party from Happy Hour Mom here. I loved the post card centerpiece and the globe beach ball. The beach ball could be used in a “pool leg of the race” or even a great party favor! 2. & 3. A. Party Style decorated the room with flags from different countries, a runway tablescape and had an amazing cake!

Amazing Race Party Birthday cakes party room

This intercontinental adventure starts at the passport center. The kids travel the globe doing activities from each country with their suitcase in hand. They sample international foods and on an over-sized map they match flags with countries.

Amazing Race Party Birthday Ideas cake costumes

Amazing Race Party Games!

1. Chase Games has created a couple of games in the Amazing Race style. The Amazing Chase is a complete set of downloadable plans for parents who want to put on the event their kids will be talking about for weeks! Purchase as many legs as you want leaving you with more time to concentrate on other aspects of the party.

2. Peppers and Pollywogs has some tips on how to approach an Amazing Race birthday party and make it a bit more do-able. Here are some other things you will need to give advance consideration for this party:

  • The routes the teams will take to complete the race
  • Various activities that will be done at each locale
  • What the clues will be, and roadblock and detour challenges
  • If money will be needed to complete the activities
  • Which (if any) stores the kids will visit (be sure speak with each store’s manager about your party activities)
  • How many adult helpers you will need to have one at each race location.

3. Chase Games also has a Mall Photo Chase party plan. The Mall Photo Chase is a start-to-finish plan for running the best mall scavenger hunt ever! There is no additional expense because all they are hunting for is digital pictures. The event is run with three rounds, each with separate lists of items or situations for capture on camera. With each successive round, the items or situations to be photographed get trickier and trickier! One Guy Three Girls purchased this party and shares their Mall Chase experience and some great tips.

Amazing Race Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

More entertaining and party ideas at Oh My Creative!


  • May 19, 2010


    Thanks for the mention on your blog! Yes the Amazing Race style birthday party was a real hit with the kids.

    We were thinking of repeating it this year again, but we’ve now decided to do a Kids Quiz Night. Will update my blog with how successful (or not) it is once it’s done 🙂



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