Candy Land Party Ideas

candy land party theme for kids birthdays, school parties and more

Candy Land Party Ideas

I am loving this adorable Candy Land Party on Lots of great decorating ideas on a budget! It’s so colorful, vibrant, and, most importantly, FUN!

Candy Land Party Trail


Use 12×12 construction paper to re-create the classic Sugar Trail from Candy Land! What you use to hold it in place depends on your floor type. For carpet, try packing tape. For delicate flooring, consider something gentle like Scotch tape.

Candy Land Lollipop Balloons


These giant “lollipops” are made from empty wrapping paper tubes, balloons and cellophane! Use white acrylic paint on the wrapping paper tube. For something a bit more sturdy, you could use spray painted PVC pipe.

Candy Land Wall Decor


Colored plates and cellophane to make candy for the walls. Choose vibrant-colored plates, wrap, and seal up the ends with a twist tie or rubber band! Attach them to the walls with a little Scotch tape. You can make a number of these using inexpensive colored plates from the dollar store.

Candy Land Party Favors


Party-goers can take home these Candy Land-inspired favors. They’re made from Skittles and recycled plastic bottles! Be sure to thoroughly wash and completely dry your bottles. Wet bottles will cause the candy to dissolve and stick together.

Candy Land Party Ideas & Inspiration | The Sendo Blog


Candy Land Party Invitations

This cute Candy Land-themed invitation from Sendo is the perfect way to invite your friends to your party. You can even upload a photo of the birthday boy or girl.

Candy Land Invitation | Kids Birthday Invite | Sendo


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    Great ideas for those who love Candyland and candy themed events. Thank you for the inspiration!


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