How to Throw a Magical Indian Bollywood Themed Party

Bollywood Umbrella

How to Throw a Magical Indian Bollywood Themed Party

Depart from the normal with an unforgettable Bollywood Themed Party. This beautiful and luminescent party filled with Indian culture will bring magic and delight to all your guests. The following ideas will help guide and inspire you as you create your own Bollywood Themed Party.

Indian Tea Set

Guest List

In Indian culture, children are generally included in parties and celebrations. We included the whole family on our guest list, and the party was that much more special. At dinner, we had a special seating area just for children.

Henna on Child

Bollywood Invitations

Select a Bollywood-themed invitation to set the tone for your party. Sendo has gorgeous Bollywood-themed invitations with animation and music. Track RSVPs and send event reminders.

Bollywood Party Invitation | Sendo Invitations

Bollywood Decor

Vibrant colors are beautiful and echo Indian culture and your Bollywood theme. Indian tablecloths and embroidery also contribute to your theme. Lamps and candles add to your atmosphere, and set a mystical tone. Incorporate Indian design as much as you can. Our celebration included Indian tablecloths, Indian lotus flowers, and beautiful pillows. All of the lights with the cloth invoked Indian design and created a cozy, personal ambience. As a fun touch, we threw rose petals over the guests as they walked into the house.


Bollywood Tablescape

Bollywood DecorDress

We asked our guest to come in authentic Indian attire. People wore items such as Indian tunics or saris with long pants.

Indian Food & Drinks


We had appetizers ready for the guests as they walked in. While we catered, we had a myriad of dishes. We had favorites like samosas, and naan. We also had many curries and lamb, as well as less known Indian dishes.


It is better if the music is instrumental or the vocals are repetitive because it makes it easier to carry on a conversation while listening. Here is an Instrumental Bollywood Radio, and an Instrumental Hindustani Radio.


Our entertainment for the party included a henna artist, Bollywood dance lessons, and fire dancers. By the end of the party everybody had tattoos, and had learned the basics or a step of a completely new and fun dance. We had Bollywood dance lessons at the beginning of the party, and towards the end had a more relaxed Bollywood dance session together.

Henna Artist

Henna Artist
Henna on Feet

Fire Dancers

Fire dances were very flexible and skilled. They dazzled the crow, eating fire and throwing it back and forth. They danced gracefully, wielding fire flawlessly as if it were a fifth limb. The crowd loved it! It added to the whole feel of magic and wonder throughout the party.

Bollywood Dance Lessons

We had energetic and fun Bollywood dance lessons at the beginning of the party. We asked people to come in their exercise clothes for the lessons. The dances started out with a simple warm up. We would learn one step, repeat it, and then learn another. The steps built on each other until everybody knew an entire dance. At the end, it was like you were in a Bollywood dance production and was immersive for the guests.

Gift Bags

Bollywood Gift Bags

Ideas to include in a festive gift bag to give when head home:
  • Indian Tea
  • A Small Tea Strainer
  • A small Buddha statue
  • Book: The God of Small Things
  • Book: Malgudi Days
  • Bollywood Movie: Dilwale Dulhaina Le Jayenge

A Bollywood themed party brings magic, light, and fun into everybody’s lives, including the host. It is a one of a kind party, and the unique celebration is memorable. It’s like walking into a completely different life. Follow these tips and watch happiness and laughter bloom across everybody’s faces. Happy dancing!


Jennifer Sitko Skarakis, a graphic designer and design enthusiast, is the founder of Sendo Invitations and editor of The Sendo Blog.


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