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Four Hot 2018 Party Trends

Today there are trends for everything! Including party themes, party foods, cocktails and even decorations!  Here are some of the top 2018 party trends to make a great impression! Metallic Tones Metallic tones in your decor as well as in the theme that you create for the party can be a fun and cool element for creating a magical environment. Natural stone and copper as well as other types of metals can have the perfect look for building a fun theme with your party. Backdrops with Greenery Green backdrops that include the look of various plants, natural greenery and even some fake flowers can make for a lot of fun with your party trends for 2018. Including an accent wall that your guests can take pictures in front of, can be a huge help when you are building a beautiful focal point of your party. It looks stunning! Comfort Food Elegant appetizers are a thing of the past! And comfort food is the trend!!  In 2018 everyone is coming to parties looking for items like milkshakes, …