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Four Hot 2018 Party Trends

Today there are trends for everything! Including party themes, party foods, cocktails and even decorations!  Here are some of the top 2018 party trends to make a great impression! Metallic Tones Metallic tones in your decor as well as in the theme that you create for the party can be a fun and cool element for creating a magical environment. Natural stone and copper as well as other types of metals can have the perfect look for building a fun theme with your party. Backdrops with Greenery Green backdrops that include the look of various plants, natural greenery and even some fake flowers can make for a lot of fun with your party trends for 2018. Including an accent wall that your guests can take pictures in front of, can be a huge help when you are building a beautiful focal point of your party. It looks stunning! Comfort Food Elegant appetizers are a thing of the past! And comfort food is the trend!!  In 2018 everyone is coming to parties looking for items like milkshakes, …

5 DIY Summer Popsicles

5 DIY Popsicle Recipes You Can Make This Summer

Chances are it is hot and humid where you are right now, and the last thing you want to think about is spending time in the kitchen. But what would the summer months be if it it wasn’t for some ice cream? We’re huge fans of slushees, froyo, ice cream… you name it. So we put together a list of our favorite DIY popsicles that you can easily make from home this summer! To start, you’ll need a popsicle mold or an icee mold. Both are reusable and are fairly affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank this summer when making these tasty treats for your friends and family! 1. Sprite With Fruit Looking for a sweet and (somewhat) healthy popsicle? All you’ll need for this treat is some sliced fruit (we like strawberries) and some Sprite or 7Up! First, pour in the soda and then add the fruit. Freeze for 5 hours and enjoy! 2. Fruit Smoothies Whippin’ up a smoothie this summer? Make your favorite smoothie mix or recipe into a …

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Amazingly Fun Cakes by Katherine Sabbath

I ran across Katherin Sabbath on Instagram a while back. She is a high school teacher in Sydney, Australia and she makes the most amazing, fun and creative cakes I have ever seen! I pulled a few of my favorites from her feed to share with you! Amazing Cakes   Does this not look absolutely divine? Chocolate, strawberries, raspberries and ganache, oh my! This one reminds me of Mayfield’s Birthday Cake Ice Cream, except prettier! The fresh figs on this cake, paired with the toppings and doily, create such a classy look Did anyone else think of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? What a colorful cake! The sharp marbled chocolate shards and blue drizzle on this cake are divine! Cotton candy cake, anyone? It looks like a sweet little carnival confection! The edible roses on this cake make it almost too pretty to eat! Stunning artistry. Don’t you just love the colorful layers in this cake? The balls and shards create a nice dramatic effect. This has to be the prettiest fruitcake I’ve ever seen! Chocolate …

Mac and Cheese Bar Tips & Ideas

Even as a non-cheezer, I love the concept of a Mac and Cheese Bar for a party or shower. Cook up your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe, then create a bar of fun toppings to let you guests customize their own creation— ham, bacon, different kinds of cheese (blue cheese for a something blue!), mushrooms, asparagus. Let your imagination run wild– and encourage your guests to do the same! Mac and Cheese Bar Inspo Brace yourself. You’re about to get very hungry. This idea is one I haven’t seen before. Surprise your guests with something unique and amazingly yummy. The party pictured is elegant and feminine, but a mac and cheese bar would work well for virtually any event. Superbowl party, kids birthday, bridal shower, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Christmas, you name it! These are just a few topping ideas. The possibilities are endless! Fresh veggies, pepperoni, sausage, a multitude of cheeses, sauteed onions, sauteed mushrooms, maybe even some fresh pineapple chunks. What DOESN’T taste good with mac and cheese?! Have you attended an …

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Nest Egg Cookies & Recipe

I am in love with these nest egg cookies. I just made thirty of them in less than fifteen minutes, which means they are likely to become an Easter classic around here. They are so quick, easy and YUMMY! This is a great recipe for the kids to pitch in on too. Ingredients for Nest Egg Cookies 12 oz. package chow mien noodles 12 oz. package butterscotch morsels (At least. A couple extra ounces will give you a better hold) 90 egg-shaped candies. I’ve used Cadbury Mini Eggs. Melt the morsels in a double boiler, mix in the chow mien noodles. Use a 1/4 cup measuring cup to drop scoops onto a pan that’s lined with parchment paper. Place three Cadbury Mini Eggs onto each nest. Allow them to set for 5-10 minutes before serving or transferring to a dish. It’s that easy! These cute cookies are perfect for school parties, family gathering and even Spring birthday parties. via

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Yummy Fondue Recipes!

In keeping with my earlier post of a 70s theme 4th of July party, here are my 2 favorite fondue recipes! This is one of the best Swiss fondue recipes I have ever tried. The kirsch is one of the most important ingredients. You can find kirsch liqueur at your local liquor store. But, this is one ingredient you will not be able to substitute or eliminate! While you’re at the liquor store, pick up the Amaretto for the chocolate fondue and a nice bottle of white wine. The best bread to use for the dipping is day old bread. It’s a bit crustier, so it won’t fall apart in the cheese. Make sure you leave some of the crust on each bread cube. I also like Granny Smith apples for dipping in the cheese as well. Classic Swiss Three-Cheese Fondue Recipe 1 garlic clove, peeled 1 cup dry white wine 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 8 ounces Gruyere cheese, rind trimmed and discarded, and shredded (about 2 1/2 cups) 8 ounces Emmentaler cheese, rind …