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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Personalized Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

More than a century ago, began a tradition that we so proudly call Mother’s Day. On this day, children, independently of their age, gather around to thank their mothers for all the precious years and wondrous moments. And what is a better way to show your mother how much you care than presenting her with something personalized Mother’s Day Gift made by hand? A Beauty Package Nothing says I love my mother than giving her a full spa-like treatment right there in the comfort of her home. Prepare a nice warm bubble bath and present her with a spa gift basket that will make her day a true delight. Do not rely on store bought beauty products, rather make it personal. Equip the gift basket with homemade bath bombs from milk and rose oil, an orange delight body lotion, milk and lavender body wash and soothing bath salts from sandalwood or jasmine. Go an extra mile and include a DIY cocoa lip balm to make sure your mother gets the full experience. Jewelry And what …

Ice Cream - 5 Uncommon Holidays to Celebrate - The Sendo Blog

5 Fun and Uncommon Holidays to Celebrate

While just about everyone on the planet knows about classic holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Hanukkah and Christmas, there are hundreds more holidays that barely make a blip on our celebratory maps. Because every day deserves a celebration of some sort, here is a sampling of some of these uncommon and wacky holidays: International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Now this is a holiday most people can get behind. Whether you are old, young or in-between, celebrate this delicious holiday on the first Saturday in February. If you have kiddos, tell them about the special day when they got home from school the Friday before, and take them to the store to pick out which flavors and toppings they want. International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is a terrific way to celebrate mid-winter when it seems like the cold weather will never end. Alfred Hitchcock Day March 12 is National Alfred Hitchcock Day, which is a day devoted to celebrating the life and work of the famed filmmaker. While it is not his …

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3 Outdoorsy Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you’re planning a bachelorette party for a bride-to-be who loves the great outdoors, use her passion as the theme! Gather up all of her girlfriends and try one of these outdoorsy bachelorette party ideas: 1. White Water Rafting A whitewater rafting trip for the bride-to-be and several of her closest friends can be an exhilarating way to celebrate together. Find out which whitewater rafting trips are available near you, and book a group excursion. Select a reputable company with experienced tour guides, and let them know about the celebration ahead of time because they may offer special services for bachelorettes. Coordinate a post-rafting picnic with champagne and snacks for a special touch. You’ll be hungry from your workout, and a little bubbly will be the perfect way to cool down. 2. Boating If you live close to the northern border between the U.S. and Canada, consider planning a bachelorette getaway to Lake Louise and Banff National Park. During the spring and summer, the scenic lake features plenty of water-related activities as well as horseback riding, …