How To Word Thank You Notes For Wedding Guests

How To Word Thank You Notes For Wedding Guests

How To Word Thank You Notes For Wedding Guests

Your big day is over, so now it’s time to relax, right? Well, sort of. Thank you cards are the beauty and the beast of weddings – without them, you wouldn’t have anything to be thankful for, but it may also take hours on hours to finish writing them!

We’ve put together a tried and true method for how to word thank you notes for all types of wedding guests and gifts. Just use these as a “template” and personalize the wording for each guest! Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Invest in a pen you like!
  • Don’t try to knock out all of the thank you’s in one day. Devote 30 minutes to it each night
  • Divide up the writing with your spouse (some split it down the middle, others split it by the side of the family) and you’ll be done with thank you notes in no time
  • If you receive a gift before the wedding, common courtesy is to return the thank you no more than 2 weeks later. For gifts you receive at the wedding, you have 3 months to send the thank you!

Tips for thanking for….

1. Attendance Only

This one is the easiest! Simply thank them for their attendance and explain how much it meant to you that they were included in your special day. Close it off with a compliment of their awesome dance moves or cute shoes they wore that day!

2. Physical Gifts

The main objective of this thank you note is to not only specify which gift you received from them but to explain to them how you and your spouse will use it in your new lives together. New crock pot? Whip up Granny’s lasagna recipe! Guests will appreciate being able to contribute to your home and lifestyle.

3. Cash Gifts

First off, don’t mention the exact monetary amount! Instead, thank them for coming and for their generous gift. You can also add what you might use the money towards (car? home? honeymoon?) and thank them for joining you in the celebration of your marriage.

4. Sent A Gift But Didn’t Attend Wedding

Start this thank you by saying you were so sorry they weren’t able to the wedding, but still thought it was so kind of them to send along their gift. Close it off by saying they were missed at the celebrations!

Close off your thank yous with “with gratitude,” “best,” or “sincerely” and sign both your and your spouse’s name.

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How To Word Thank You Notes For Wedding Guests

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