6 Sweet Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Your Child’s Class Party

Valentine's Day Party Ideas

6 Sweet Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Your Child’s Class Party

If you have a school-aged child, you’re probably in the midst of either helping plan a class Valentine’s Day party or are responsible for bringing a favor. If you’re tired of the cookie-cutter store-bought ones, try these cute and unique party ideas that kids will love. Kids will enjoy being creative, and you’ll like how you won’t be stuck cleaning up boring Valentine’s Day cards for kids. Here’s to Valentine’s Day!

Love Thy Neighbor

This is the perfect way to teach your kids about appreciating each other. Have each child write down one nice thing about the person sitting to his or her right. It could be, “I like that John is nice.” Or “I appreciate how Suzy helps me with my math homework.” Set a timer for five minutes. When it goes off, have each child give the note to the person. It will help them each feel special.

Wax Paper Hearts

Wax Paper Hearts

You can kick your Valentine’s Day up a notch by making these wax paper hearts that are Martha Stewart-approved. By just using wax paper, crayons and an iron, you can help your kids make these gorgeous paper hearts.

Valentine’s Day-Inspired Puzzles

Looking for a fun party idea? These puzzles will do the trick. Type in a few words like, love, heart and red, and create a double puzzle. Kids will love the challenge. In this puzzle, students will first figure out word clues and then use those words to decode the final phrase or word.

Tic Tac Toe

For a cute and delicious take on the traditional game of tic tac toe, we suggest playing this Valentine’s Day-themed version. Try using pink and white M&M’s, or use any kind of sweet treat that lays flat. Whoever wins gets to eat all of the chocolate. How’s that for incentive? Just be sure to play fast. You don’t want all of the candy to melt.

Valentine's Day Party Ideas

Finding a Perfect Match

An ideal game for younger kids, a perfect match will teach them all about shapes. Cut out a few shapes like a square, triangle and heart. Cut them in half and then let the kids each take one piece. The players will then have to work to find the shape’s missing piece. It will teach them all about how things fit together and is a cute and creative lesson in different shapes.

Valentine’s Syllables

Start by printing out a few different Valentine’s Day phrases or words. Maybe “Be My Valentine,” “Candy Hearts,” or a “Red Roses.” And then tear one piece for each syllable to teach them what those are. Just like the game above, you’ll want to let each child take one piece and have them find their match.

Put the Lips on Mrs. Valentine

If you’re searching for a unique spin on Pin the Tail on the Donkey, choose this game. First, print out the face of Mrs. Valentine. Then print out the multi-colored lips. You know what happens next. Have the kids take turns pinning different lips on the face.


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