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Invitation Wording for when Guests Pay for their Meal

How do you word an invitation to an event where guests pay for their dinner? I received this question from a Sendo reader… Amanda Asks… “I am planning a small (20 or less) retirement party for my mom at a restaurant but guests will be responsible for paying for their own dinner – how do I indicate this on an invitation?” Anyone have any suggestions? Comment to this post to help her out! It would be great to hear what you guys would expect to see on an invitation and how you would respond to some of the other suggestions mentioned When Invited Guests Pay for their Meal The proper term for this is No Host. Some social circles would immediately recognize and understand this term, whereas others would be confused. And if it’s a retirement party, some invitees may not be so quick to jump on Google to figure it out. Considering the informality of the event, keep invitations to something simple. You don’t want to spend $100 on invites that tell people they …

retirement party invitation wording

Retirement Party Invitation Wording

There is no better time to throw a party than when somebody is trading in their career for some well deserved rest and relaxation! Below are some suggestions for your Retirement Party invitation wording. As with other party invitations, don’t forget to include the date and time, the location, and RSVP information. You’re invited to a retirement luncheon Honoring Scott Wilson Or After 30 years of service Jesse Ceccon is retiring from Beuller County Fire Department. Or Please join us in wishing Janet Smith a fond farewell! Or The Squire Group requests the pleasure of your company at a retirement dinner in honor of Mr. Ted Hayse Or The California Department of Fish and Game Announces the retirement of Caroline Mcknight After 27 years of wonderful service and dedication. Or After 47 years of service, Thomas Payne is retiring from Alpaca Fleece Incorporated. The pleasure of your company is requested at a reception in his honor Or David Smith has called it a day! Come celebrate his retirement with family and friends. Or Joe has punched …