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10 Steps to Start Planning a Wedding

10 Steps to Start Planning a Wedding

If you’re newly engaged, congratulations are in order! Now, you have to start thinking about planning the wedding ahead, so it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of. And while planning your big day can feel stressful at times, if you start doing it right now you’ll have more time to take things smoothly. The trick is to organize the wedding planning tasks and go step by step. Here are 10 steps to start planning a wedding: 1. Plan your budget This is an important first step when it comes to wedding planning. If you have a set budget to organize the big day, your dreams will be more realistic. Think about all the costs involved and calculate roughly how much you will spend on each detail, so you can estimate the overall price to pay. According to The Knot, in 2017 the average cost of a wedding was $33,391, excluding the honeymoon. A quick tip: if you can’t have a wedding without your dream dress, no matter what the cost is, then compromise on smaller details like …

Class Reunion Online Invitation

How to Sell Tickets to a Class Reunion

Have you been assigned the role of planning your school’s class reunion? With finding the money, a venue, decor, promoting the event, choosing a caterer, and more – it can be a bit of a headache. While the logistics of the event can be complicated, don’t let selling tickets to your class reunion cause a problem for you! Sendo Invitations allows you to customize online school reunion invitations. Plus, you can send it to your classmates and manage their responses online. Additionally, you can use it to sell tickets! It’s an easy way to collect the money you need to host the event. Here’s how to go about using Sendo to sell tickets to a class reunion: Set Early Bird Ticket Prices Often times there will be 2 busy periods when tickets are sold: right when they go on sale and the week before the reunion. To incentivize your classmates to buy tickets earlier, consider offering an early bird ticket price. This will allow you more accurate estimates regarding food, drinks, and other party provisions. …