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Can Technology Improve your Event Management Business

Thanks to technology, we can effectively communicate and collaborate with anyone across the globe without delays. Technology helps us to speed up our work to save time. It is utilized in all sectors and industries today. Innovation in technology has brought us to a point where event management industry cannot function without it. Apps One of the most common applications of technology in event management industry are scheduling and planning apps. Many of these apps serve specific purposes and some offer all-in-one solutions. For those who like those single-purpose apps over cumulative solution can use API to merge individual apps in one place for convenience. Using multiple apps and services might push event managers to constantly check multiple apps where an API can make it all available in one place and make it easier to manage. A huge majority of event planners use event management apps and according to a recent survey. They find them great to plan and manage events. These tools help to provide seamless collaboration between different teams saving time. Many apps …

How to Improve Your Invitation Response Rate

How to Improve Your Invitation Response Rate

More and more individuals, organizations and event planners are using email invitations for events. Online invitations are an excellent way to manage and get event information out quickly. Email invitations are also cost effective and an eco-friendly way to manage your event. But, how to you make sure your invitation does not get lost in inboxes? And, how do you improve your invitation response rate? What is response rate? Response rate is the percentage of people who respond to your invitation. Should you be concerned about low response rates? Absolutely. Getting guests to respond to your online invitation is the first task to a successful event. Follow these six simple steps, and I am certain you will get the rate you desire. Your Guest List Be sure to have a current guest list. An outdated list will definitely decrease your response rate. Make sure email addresses are current and accurate. Also, be sure that those on the list have requested to be included and/or are expecting an invitation. If you are sending to someone who …