Plan a Rehearsal Dinner to Remember

Plan a Rehearsal Dinner to Remember | Sendo Invitations

Plan a Rehearsal Dinner to Remember

You may have all of your wedding elements coming together nicely but stuck trying to figure out how to pull off an equally memorable rehearsal dinner. While the wedding is the main event, everyone knows that the real fun is to be had at the pre-party aka rehearsal dinner. It is the party that hypes everyone up for the main event, making it the party everyone wants to be at.

A rehearsal dinner is one where everyone can relax. There is no pompous flair to be had at this affair. Just people enjoying one another’s company getting ready to share in all the love and the excitement for what is to come.

So how do you plan such a party?

Here are our tips on how to plan a memorable wedding rehearsal party:

Plan a Rehearsal Dinner to Remember | Sendo Invitations

Timing is everything

To ensure that this party goes off well, you must plan accordingly. The rehearsal dinner usually follows right after the wedding rehearsal at the location of the big event. See how long it will take to go through the directions of the wedding and choose a place that is near the venue. Most likely people will be pretty hungry afterward, so make sure that food, if it is first appetizers, is ready to serve.

The guest list is key

Traditionally the rehearsal dinner would only include the bridal party and immediate family, but really the guest list is up to whoever is throwing the party. This can include close friends of the bride and groom or even extended family. Dress rehearsal parties can come in both big and small sizes!

Rehearsal Dinner Guest List | Sendo Invitations

Lock the location

Keep the location easy and close to the rehearsal location. No one wants to drive another hour in a completely different direction. See what is around and feel free to be creative. You do not have to host the event at a restaurant or a banquet hall. Maybe someone has a beautiful backyard that is close to the venue where you can have it catered. If your event is in the summer, a fun casual pool party would be unique and lots of fun. A local park is also a great place to host the event. Want to wow your guests? Host your party on a boat with a dinner cruise.

Plan a Rehearsal Dinner to Remember | Sendo Invitations

Personalize it

What makes a rehearsal dinner so special is when you can really personalize it of the groom and bride. Include old pictures of them as a new couple as well as fun baby photos. Incorporate their personalities into the party. If they are into traveling, a jet setter theme would be perfect. Do they love sports or a particular sports team? Include this as well in the party décor.

Plan a Rehearsal Dinner to Remember | Sendo Invitations

Add an activity or entertainment

Break the ice with some fun activities at your wedding rehearsal party. Maybe it’s a fun dueling piano fun or lawn game that guests can play with one another. Make memories with a fun entertainer such as a musician or even a fortune teller. These ideas will make your wedding rehearsal party one they won’t forget. You can even bring in some childlike fun for everyone by including a bouncy house for adults or carnival games people can play.

Remember to hand out the gifts

The rehearsal dinner is the perfect time for the bride and the groom to hand out gifts to their loved ones to say thank you and show how much their participation in their important day has meant to them. Groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls, and ring bearer gifts are usually handed out at this time, right after dinner. Parents, officiants, and anyone else who has helped make their special day come together usually are recipients of a thank you gift.

Plan a Rehearsal Dinner to Remember | Sendo Invitations

Allow for toasts

You may have friends who want to give a toast but won’t be able to on your wedding day. The dress rehearsal is the perfect place for people who may not get a chance to say their kind words, to take a moment at this occasion to toast to the special couple. Let people know ahead of time so that they can prepare in advance.

Plan a Rehearsal Dinner to Remember | Sendo Invitations

Send a gorgeous rehearsal dinner invitation

Send rehearsal dinner invitations 4 to 6 weeks prior to the date. This will allow out-of-town guests plenty of time to make lodging reservations and arrangements. It’s completely propper and with no harm to the earth to send online rehearsal dinner invitations. Sendo Invitations has a variety of invitation designs to choose from to match your dinner vibe and theme. You can even ask for guest dinner selections before the event if needed. Learn more about what to write in your rehearsal dinner invitation here.

Plan a Rehearsal Dinner to Remember | Sendo Invitations

Don’t keep the party going too late! There is a big day tomorrow so make sure it ends on an early but fun note. A note where it makes everyone excited for the festivities of the actual wedding day!

Do you have ideas on how to plan an amazing rehearsal dinner? Please let us know in the comments below.



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