Celebrating Your Milestone Birthday

Milestone Birthday Party

Celebrating Your Milestone Birthday

You are a decade older and it’s time to celebrate your milestone birthday! It’s essential to mark this momentous event and a party is a perfect way to celebrate. Whether it is you putting the party together for yourself or a family or friend is planning it, here are some items you don’t want to forget:

What do you really want?

Sometimes we can get caught up in what everyone else would want for our own birthday and forget about what we really want. Maybe inviting everyone you know isn’t your ideal. And that’s okay to have a smaller birthday. It’s your big day so while you may want to consider others’ opinions, what do you really want to do? What would be your perfect party? Or even your perfect day?

Milestone Birthday Party

Plan ahead

Putting together a party they will be talking about for ages to come requires a bit of planning. You may be thinking that planning a party a year out is too far out but it’s not. Thinking of themes or what you would like to do requires a lot of time. Especially if your booking different items. You want to make sure you secure it without any problem. It also gives you time to save money or bring custom elements to your party that may take a while to put together.

Milestone Birthday Party

Think of ”wow” entertainment

Looking to take your party up a notch? Think of a wow element. There are many different ways to tie in a wow entertainment element. Hiring a band or a piano player for entertainment. Or, a comedian to do a special performance for the guest of honor. This type of entertainment can definitely take your party up a notch. There are adult magicians available to hire too! To find all sorts of unique entertainment, check out The Bash.

Milestone Birthday Party

Party decor

When it comes to celebrating your milestone birthday, incorporating some nostalgia into your decor is a great way to set your party ambiance. Some ideas can include hanging blow-up cassette tape, having a neon color theme, or having groovy peace signs with lava lamps. Having something from your youth is a great way to remember the good times while celebrating the future to come.

Find the perfect milestone birthday invitation

There are some great invitations out there but finding one that is going to fit your party will help set the tone from the very beginning. Sendo has great milestone birthday invitations that help you electronically keep track of RSVPs. Upload a photo of the birthday boy or girl. Also, upload music from the decade of their birth or their favorite band. Planning an 80s-themed milestone birthday party, we’ve got you covered. Sendo has themed invitations from any decade you need. 

Party favors for adults

Having a special memento that your guests leave with isn’t just for kids’ birthdays. Adult milestone birthdays can definitely give these out and place a special treat for your guests. You can hand out custom small champagne bottles or chocolate treats are a super yummy choice as well. You can do something cheeky but practice by putting together “hangover” kits. These kits could include gum, Tylenol, a water bottle, or any other type of hangover cure. Some of your guests may really appreciate this gift the following morning!

Hire help

It’s your birthday and if you can, hire help. They can help with setting up your birthday party, serving food or drinks, and maybe help clean up after. If you can afford to splurge on help, absolutely do it. You won’t regret it and it will help ensure you have fun that night and even the day after.

And on the day of the party, remember: what will be will be! You can’t control everything but remember to have fun on your special day. What matters is making memories with those you love the most! Happy milestone birthday!

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