Gumball Flower Bouquet Tutorial

Gumball Bouquet Flower Tutorial, creative, fun, colorful gift idea

Gumball Flower Bouquet Tutorial

My son is celebrating his summer birthday at school this week and I had to make 24 of these…

gumball flower bouquet tutorial diy

Uh-huh…cute right? I’ve been waiting for a reason to make these. I’m trying to keep my projects down to ones I’m going to actually use. I’m getting too sidetracked and poorly managing my party time a.k.a. staying up way too late.

I can’t take any credit for coming up with them, this fabulousness is all from Ruffled.

I didn’t have the clear rubber bands, but scads of ribbon, so that’s what I tied mine with, and matched everything. ‘Cuz I’m insane like that. Not Just A Mommy!gumball flower bouquet tutorial diy

Supplies for Gumball Flower Bouquet

1 plastic balloon stick (I ordered mine from Oriental Trading)
1 clear elastic band or ribbon to match 7 small gumballs
1 large gumball
1 cellophane cut into circle shape (check the gift wrap section of your dollar store for cellophane gift wrap)

For the life of me, I couldn’t keep the smaller gumballs from rolling around when I tried to balance them around the larger gumball in the balloon stick’s cup and wrap with cellophane, per the tutorial. I’m slow like that. So I assembled them upside down to their tutorial…

1. Place the cellophane circle in a small, shallow bowl. Nope, a plate won’t work, gumballs like to roll.
2. Place the large gumball in the center of the cellophane circle, then surround the gumball with the smaller gumballs.
3. Set the balloon stick cup on top, then gather the cellophane around gumballs and secure at base of the balloon stick with your clear elastic band or ribbon.



  • June 11, 2010


    This is a great idea! Love it! Very colorful!

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  • April 13, 2012

    Diane Davies

    Saw this on Pinterest but wasn’t linked back to your blog. After a little Googling I found your post. I pinned it and linked it to you. These are so adorable. : )

  • April 15, 2015


    How much could you sell one of these for? Trying to raise money at work for children’s hospital

  • September 20, 2016


    Simply beautiful!!


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