How To Throw A Creepy (But Not Too Creepy) Halloween Party

How To Throw A Creepy (But Not Too Creepy) Halloween Party | Sendomatic Online Invitations

How To Throw A Creepy (But Not Too Creepy) Halloween Party

It’s the spookiest time of the year! Now that fall is in full-swing, it’s time to start gearing up for Halloween festivities! Here at Sendo, Halloween is one of our most popular holidays! We love helping our customers prep for our favorite holiday, so this year we decided to put together our tips to throw a creepy (but not too creepy) Halloween party! Whether your party is for kids or adults, you’re sure to find something that will scare your guests’ socks off!

1. Balloon Spiders

Halloween Spider Balloons - Sendomatic

If you’re throwing your Halloween party on a budget, these spider balloons are so simple and just require balloons, streamers, and tape! Set these up around your home (or near the front door) to spook your guests upon arrival. If you want to go the extra mile, glue googly eyes onto the balloons for an added effect!

2. Chicken Wire Ghosts

Chicken Wire Ghosts - Sendomatic

While these chicken wire ghosts take a little elbow grease, they’re cheap and lightweight, so you can move them around your yard or house with ease. Before setting up, make sure you have gloves to protect your hands when shaping the wire. Place these in various locations throughout your hard, and line them with small lights and tule at night to make them extra creepy!

3. Skeleton Trophies

Skeleton Trophies - Sendomatic

If you’re throwing a killer Halloween party, you better have some contests for your guests! Whether your guests are competing for scariest costume or most creative food dish, be prepared by having some festive skeleton trophies. They’re easy to do, have just the right amount of spook, and your guests will love the reward!

4. Mummy Hot Dogs

Halloween Mummy Dogs - Sendomatic

Don’t forget about the party food! These “mummy” wrapped hot dogs are great for both kid and adult parties and can be ready in a jiffy. Pop them in the oven before your guests arrive and they’ll make the perfect appetizer.

5. Spooky (& Animated!) Online Invitations

Online Halloween Party Invitations |

If you want to set the party off on the right foot, start with a spooky, animated invitation! Our online Halloween invitations are customizable and can be set up and sent out within minutes. Your guests will love the interactivity, and it’ll be easier than ever for them to RSVP!

How To Throw a Creepy (but not too creepy) Halloween Party | Sendomatic Online Invitations

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