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Amazingly Fun Cakes by Katherine Sabbath

I ran across Katherin Sabbath on Instagram a while back. She is a high school teacher in Sydney, Australia and she makes the most amazing, fun and creative cakes I have ever seen! I pulled a few of my favorites from her feed to share with you! Amazing Cakes   Does this not look absolutely divine? Chocolate, strawberries, raspberries and ganache, oh my! This one reminds me of Mayfield’s Birthday Cake Ice Cream, except prettier! The fresh figs on this cake, paired with the toppings and doily, create such a classy look Did anyone else think of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? What a colorful cake! The sharp marbled chocolate shards and blue drizzle on this cake are divine! Cotton candy cake, anyone? It looks like a sweet little carnival confection! The edible roses on this cake make it almost too pretty to eat! Stunning artistry. Don’t you just love the colorful layers in this cake? The balls and shards create a nice dramatic effect. This has to be the prettiest fruitcake I’ve ever seen! Chocolate …

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A Chanel Party

We recently threw a CHANEL N°27 themed party for the classy and fabulous Jacqueline on her 27th birthday. We had seen Chanel party ideas floating around and it looked like the perfect theme for her. “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” – CoCo Chanel Our Chanel Party Invitation & Decor! Jacqueline’s initials are J.J., so we created a custom JJ logo that we used throughout the party. The Drink Menu ROUGE COCO {named after Jacqueline’s favorite lipstick} – Bubbly Champagne with Raspberry Liqueur COCO CHANEL – A Decadent Chocolate Martini CHANEL BALLERINA {named after Jacqueline’s favorite nail polish} – X-Rated Fusion Liqueur with Lemon Lime Soda Gimme Some Sugar made the pumpkin flavored Chanel cake that was the center of the COCO DESSERT BAR. The COCO DESSERT BAR was draped in black and white striped linen from La Tavola and filled rich chocolate treats including: mini truffle and white chocolate cheesecake squares, chocolate covered strawberries, macaroons, doughnuts, brownie bites, and cake balls. “A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” – …