New – Animated Invitations with Falling Confetti

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New – Animated Invitations with Falling Confetti

Animated Hearts Invitation

Add some bling-bling to your animated invitations with our fun new Confetti feature! Choose your favorite animation style, from sparking stars, and falling snow to scary spiders. It’s easy to add these design elements to your invite when creating your event simply:

  1. Select an invitation design
  2. Click ‘Customize Invitation’
  3. Using the confetti effect drop-down, select and preview your animation

Here are the fun confetti styles to choose from:

  • Gold Circles
  • Blue Circles
  • Hearts
  • Snow
  • Big Snow
  • White Stars
  • Gold Stars
  • Fairy Stars
  • Silver Circles
  • Black Circles
  • Spiders
  • Bats

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Animated Bats Invitation


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