5 Ways To Incorporate Red, White, And Blue Into Your Fourth Of July Party

5 Ways To Incorporate Red, White, And Blue Into Your Fourth Of July Party

5 Ways To Incorporate Red, White, And Blue Into Your Fourth Of July Party

The Fourth of July is almost here, which means it’s time to start planning your BBQ menu and drinks! To differentiate your party or BBQ from the rest, try incorporating a little red, white, and blue festivity into your food. While most hosts will reserve the colors for the decor, you’ll surprise everyone with the colors right on their plates! Here are our five favorite ways to incorporate the holiday’s colors into your meal–we hope you enjoy!

1. Layered Surprise Cake


If you’re feeling festive but still want to surprise your event’s guests, go with a surprise cake! Essentially, the interior colored layers of the cake aren’t visible until you choose to cut the cake. But when you do, it’s bound to be the hit of the party! Whether you want to alternate between red, white, and blue layers, or even create an American flag look on the interior of the cake, it’s up to you! You can add coloring to regular cake mix, or you can even use natural dies (with strawberries for red and blueberries for blue) to get the colors you desire.

2. Fruit Platter


A healthy go-to at any party, a fruit platter in American colors acts as a perfect appetizer or snack at your Fourth of July bash. All you need to make a patriotic fruit platter is a large cookie sheet or dish, and your fruit and snacks of choice to lay out in the shape of an American flag. For red, cut up some watermelon or add raspberries or strawberries to the dish. For blue, blueberries are always a great option! Bananas (or our favorite–white chocolate covered pretzels) fill the white stripes perfectly. Just lay it all out like stars and stripes, and you’ll be good to go!

3. Stars and Stripes Butter Cream Cake


Another favorite in the dessert department–butter cream cake! Unlike the layered surprise cake, this cake shows its patriotism on the outside. While this cake may require a little bit more of decorative skill, your guests will appreciate the time you put into making it. Plus, it’s super tasty! All you really need is an large closed star icing tip and you’ll be in business.

4. Patriotic Chips


While you can’t necessarily incorporate America’s colors into your dips, you can mix up the colors of your chips to add a little festivity. Mix a bag of blue and red corn chips with your regular chips and it’ll make for a fun bowl to add to your snacking table.

5. Gatorade & Pina Colada Mix

Layered Punch

We saved the best for last–the cocktails of course! While this drink can easily be made into a virgin as well, we just love the coloring that you can get with this combo. Layer equal parts of Sobe Pina Colada mix, Hawaiian Blue Punch, and Red Gatorade in a large jug and add ice. If you are adding vodka to the pina colada mix, follow the instructions on the mix and add it to the Sobe before layering the mixture.

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    Wow you have quite the talent with buttercream. I can’t believe how beautiful it looks and, the fruit bowl was very creative. I will arrange something like this more often than just the 4th. 🙂


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