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Mortgage Burning Party Ideas

Just paid off your mortgage and want to have a house “warming” party? It’s settled! Paying off your mortgage deserves a celebration and what better way than having Sendo Invites help you! We have the perfect idea for your “pay-off” mortgage burning party theme. Continue reading for decor, theme, and food ideas for a bash your friends & neighbors won’t forget! Here is a question from Angela, for her Mortgage Burning Party: “I am trying to plan a mortgage burning party for my Mom. She has just paid off her mortgage this month after 25 years of doing it on her own after my father passed away. She always said that was her goal to pay her home off, and I want to plan something really nice for her. Any ideas would really help me out..” Theme So you paid off your mortgage, a clever idea for a party theme would be a “House Warming” party since it’s officially your house! To top it off even more, let’s emphasize on the “warming” aspect and host …