How to Prepare Your Files

If you are using the Send Us Your Files option, here are some guidelines to consider when preparing your files. With Sendomatic, you have complete design flexibly. Anything you can do on an html page, you can upload into our system.


Please deliver your design in clean html & CSS html with any graphic, sound or Flash files needed.


You may add any type of animation to your design, animated .gif, javascript, and/or Flash. We suggest when creating your animation, use code that will allow even users on older browser versions to view. For example, if you are using Flash, in PUBLISH SETTINGS, save your Flash out as an older version. This way even viewers with an older plug-in version will be able to view your animation.


If using Flash in your design. We recommend creating a preloader for the movie especially if your movie is large and /or includes sound or music.

File Sizes

Be respective of file sizes. The larger the file sizes of your graphics and sound, the longer it will take your recipients to download your event. You want to make sure that your design will come up quickly for all people. Recommended files sizes:

  • Flash: <150k
  • Sound/music: <150k

We recommend making your html or images fit within a 700x500 area max so that your viewer will be sure to see all of your important information including your RSVP button that most likely be at the bottom of your design. It is helpful to urge your recipients to click on the RSVP button to RSVP in the content of your design.


You should optimize your graphics for web as much as possible without loosing the quality of the image. People viewing your event on a slow connection will appreciate this. Your page will load faster and you will get your message to your audience quicker.


Less is more with content. Put the most important information at the top of your design followed by the details. We have an "additional information" button that you can also include on your design. You can add this button in MORE OPTIONS. Make sure you urge your recipients to RSVP by giving them an "RSVP by" date or pointing out where they RSVP ("Make sure to RSVP by clicking the button below to reserve your space")

RSVP/Navigation Bar

Our RSVP bar will be at the bottom of your design unless you specify that you would like it somewhere else on your design. Our standard navigation bar needs to be on your design unless you do not want to use our RSVP tracking functionality. This bar may be customized when creating your event using the MORE OPTIONS tab of event creation. If you do not want to use the RSVP functionality, you may request that we do not put this bar on your design. The bar is yellow and white with the Sendomatic brand on the right. You may not make color or format adjustments to this bar.

Testing & Proofing

Make sure to test your design on all browsers and platforms to make sure it looks the way you want before sending us your files. Also thoroughly proofread your work. We will be uploading exactly what you send us so make sure it looks the way that you would like.

If you have other questions regarding preparing your files, please contact us.