Send Invites via Text Message

Send text message SMS invitations to your guest's phones - track RSVP's, view responses and sell event tickets.

Sendo takes event management to the next level.
Sendo provides text message and email invitation software to help individuals and companies: Save time, lower costs, increase responses and attendance, build-brands and maximize ROI for events.


With Sendo, there are many way to get in front of your customer - Send your event to your guests via SMS text message, email, post on Facebook, Twitter or other social channels.

Sell Tickets Online


Set up and sell event tickets or accept donations online in minutes. Allow your guests to print tickets with QR barcodes and manage event registration easily. Funds deposited instantly to your account. Accept all major credit cards and currencies.

Advertisement Free


Sendo Invitations is advertisement free for you and your guests - no advertising on your invitation or in any communication to your guests.

Manage Responses

Manage responses in one location, send reminders, export all your data to a CSV file, notifications of invalid email addresses, see who has viewed and track response rates, get email or SMS alerts of new responses.

Invitations right to your guest's phones.

It's easy to reach your guests through text message or email invitations.

Create Free Invitations

Go ahead take Sendo for a spin - Only takes 5 minutes to create & send invitations!
Create a Free Invitation!

10,000+ People trust Sendo with their events

"I love your electronic invitations. You might find it interesting how I've used it for the first time. We had held a couple of House Concerts, attended by 40-60 people this year, and had no particular notification management system. The whole communication thing got out of control--duplications to some, no invites to others.  I offered to take over the communication, and Sendo Invitations is my method. " Perry S


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