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How to Create a Poll

1. From your Account, click on EDIT EVENT.

Click Edit Event

2. Click MORE FEATURES at the top of the screen.

Click More Features

3. Scroll down to POLL YOUR GUESTS.

Poll Your Guests

4.  Fill in the appropriate fields:
QUESTION - What you want your guests to answer.
ANSWER - Leave blank if you want your guests to type in their own answer. Otherwise, fill in the answer field and then click "Add an answer" to keep adding more possible answers. In our example, we've added 3 possible dinner options.
LIMIT - Only set a limit if you have a limited amount of answers that can be chosen. In our example, we only have 20 salmon dishes available, so we set the limit to 20. Once 20 people have chosen salmon, that option will no longer be available for future guests. For the other choices, they are left blank as we have an unlimited supply of Beef and Vegeterian dishes.

NOTE: You can keep clicking 'Add a question' or 'Add an answer' to have multiple questions and/or multiple answers.

Add Polll Questions

5. Click the SAVE button to save your event without sending it. Or, click the SEND button if you are ready to send the event to your recipients.

6. Your recipients will now be required to answer your poll question(s) when they RSVP to your event.

7. You can check your poll answers by going to MY ACCOUNT and click on VIEW POLL RESULTS.

View Poll Results

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