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Candy Themed Kids Party

This Candy Themed Kids Party is perfect for a birthday, end of school bash, team party and more. These ideas are geared toward kids ages 6-10 and complete with sugary fun and sweet surprises. Candy Themed Kids Party Invitations Sweetly invite your guests by either making your own invitations or purchase some found online.  One idea if you make your own invitations is to purchase large lollipops and attaching tags with all the details of the event. Or you can simplify your event planning process by selecting one of the gorgeous kids party invitations available from Sendomatic! Candy Themed Kids Party Activities Create areas where different games or activities can be played and tickets can be won that are redeemable at the candy shop. Create one station called “The Lollipop Grove” where you throw a disc around paper made lollipops placed in the ground.  Think Ring Toss: Candy Edition. Each successful throw earns tickets and the farther away the lollipop, the more tickets it is worth. The “Chocolate Swamp” is another option for an activity.  Fill a …