Blog Submission Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in being a guest writer for the Sendo Event Planning Blog. We love new ideas and experiences! Below are the guidelines for submission. Please review before you submit and submit your article here. Please include with your submission links to other articles you have written, your website, blog, or your social media.

We welcome content or event planning including, party ideas, ettiqutte, decoration, cocktails, design, holidays, how to’s, invitations, party themes, party trends, and anything to do with event planning.

General Guidelines

  • Post length should be 400+ words.
  • The audience should be event planners or people that throw parties, weddings, or do home entertaining.
  • Content should provide our readers with actionable tips, how-tos, tools or valuable event planning ideas.
  • Content should be information our blog has not covered before or enhances and links to our existing article.
  • Voice should be fun and casual, feel free to have a sense of humor.
  • Cite any quotes, data, images, or third-party content used in the article.
  • Imagery appreciated but not necessary. Source images when appropriate and look at our blog to coordinate with the look and feel of our imagery.
  • At least one link to other content in the Sendo Blog or the Sendo site or our invitations.
  • 1-2 outside links to reputable sites ok.
  • 1 link to your event planning related blog or company in your bio ok.
  • Sadly, not all articles will be accepted. We will do our best to work with you to make your article work with our site though.
  • We reserve the right to make edits to your article to make it fit our brand and guidelines.
  • Original content only, exclusive to our rights.
  • No link-swapping blog posts or sponsored posts.